Short introducing Edit

NAME: Stormkit, Stormpaw, Stormtail, Stormstar

AGE: 28 moons

COLOR OF THE PELT: Black with white underbelly and gray-ish stripes (they appear pale purple in AJ)


Stormtail's look


MATE: Hazeltail (dead) llluminaticonfirmed3

KITS: Leafpelt (Mightythedog102),Dusttail (dead),Sandpaw (dead),Skyflight (Alphaomega but it has different letter O)


Brother: Dustpelt (dead) Brodude102

Story Edit

Stormkit was originally born near the twolegs. Her father (Chubby) was a kittypet, but her mother (Bonestar) was a proud leader of a clan. She never met her father because he was killed by Bonestar after her kitting Stormkit and Dustkit.

After Stormkit finished two moons her mother abandoned her and she was forced to survive with kittypet food. Luckily, she escaped and found the nearest clan to survive in. Eventually, Stormkit's brother died in a battle with rogue, and Stormkit decided that she will avenge him.

Stormpaw became an apprentice, but after rogue kidnapping her she was raised and trained by a nice and kind lone elder (Windflight) for battle.

Stormtail gained her warrior name, sadly not infront of any leaders,deputy or warriors but infront of Windflight. She continued to travel as a loner, when travelling she encountered her brother that told her to make her own clan because it'll help her one day.

Stormtail made her clan and changed her name into Stormstar, she started off well with her good friend Icefur. Shortly after creating a clan few members have joined, one of them was Hazeltail. After Stormstar meeting Hazeltail and vice versa, they fell in love and got first two kits, later then, Stormstar had 3 more kits but they all grew up or died. Stormstar was too upset and weak to lead a clan so she retired. She is in the other clan now.

Personality and wider description Edit

Stormtail is brave,loyal and strong she-cat. Her most important skill is to be stealthy and fierce when fighting or hunting. She can't handle when a cat is being killed or injured so she directly jumps in to help.

In combat Stormtail is very fierce and skillful, she can easily ambush or detect a border patrol. She can dodge any items that are being tossed at her like sand,mud or branches. Any smaller prey like rodents are very noticeable within her sight.

Stormtail's biggest weakness is thunderstorm and lightning, as a kit she experienced her first thunderstorm without any safe place to hide, it was very scary sighting for her.

"All these lights and sounds! They look and sound like monsters! Mommy,where are you!"

~Stormkit when first experiencing a thunderstorm.~

Stormtail loves to joke around, she doesn't befriend cats very often, but if she is being very close with some cats she will accept them as her "family".She never trained the apprentice before but she likes to give some advices to young apprentices and their mentors.Stormtail prefers to be with kits, even though she's a warrior not queen.

"I don't honestly care that i shall not give advices to apprentices if i never trained any.They listen to me,they become warriors later even leaders! I still remember when you were an apprentice and listened to me more than your mentor!" ~Stormtail talking to one clan leader~

Interesting facts about her Edit

  • Stormtail lost in a battle twice,luckily she was a leader back then and survived both of them at the cost of one of her lives. She has never lost in an argument so she is often respected by her friends.

"I'm a fox dung eh? Oh please... you don't deserve calling me like that, you're the least respected one in the clan and you've failed in patrolling more than any cat in here!"

~Stormtail arguing with her clanmate~

  • As a kit she always dreamed about being a medicine cat, before her becoming apprentice she already learned about alot of herbs, her friends nickname her "Super Stormy" once she helps an injured cat.