"The brave man is not he who is not afraid, but he who conquers that fear.." - Sprucetail

Sprucetail Edit

Name: Sprucetail

Gender: Male

Species: Felis Catus

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Breed: American Shorthair

Age: About 19 moons(about a year and 8 months)

Group: BreezeClan

Position: Warrior

Theme Song: Novocaine- Fit For Rivals

Family Edit

Mother: Rosebreeze(deceased)

Father: Stonestar(deceased)

Siblings: Night(brother), Silverpelt(sister)

Cousins: Unknown

Nieces/Aunts: Three Aunts, names are unknown

Nephews/Uncles: Two Uncles, names are unknown

Offspring: None

Mate: None

Personality Edit


  • Wise
  • Strong
  • Ambitious
  • Protective
  • Fearless


Sprucetail is wise, which allows him to achieve his goals easily. His protective nature helps defend his clan, as does his strength. He is fearless, which can be a bad thing, but in his case, it lets him succeed in battle. Sprucetail is ambitious, but he uses this ambition to help others with their own goals. He is loyal and extremely kind to his clanmates, but in combat, there's a whole other side of him. He is very fast, because of his long legs.


Sprucetail usually pushes himself too far protecting his clan. He puts his trust in too many cats, which leads to many problems. He is built for strength in speed, and brute force usually defeats him. He is always haunted by the death of his parents, which he blames himself for. Every time he falls asleep, he is greeted by the accident.

Appearance Edit

Sprucetail is a tabby tom with a tan basecoat, white paws and underbelly, and brown splotches. He has ice blue eyes. He carries many marks of battle, most of which are on his muzzle and face. He is excellent at hunting and fighting, though his frame is meant for speed, not brute strength. He excels at swimming, as well. His legs are long for running, and his claws are sharp for hunting, fighting, and climbing. His ears are bigger than most other cats', for better hearing.


Sprucetail was born in the middle of a rainforest. His father, Stonestar, was a strong muscular cat, with long legs to climb the highest trees without fear. His mother, Rosebreeze,was a great queen. She kept her kits clean and fed. When Sprucetail, Nightclaw and their sister Silverpelt grew, Rosebreeze watched over her kits while they trained to become strong warriors like their father. The day when Sprucetail became an apprentice, Rosebreeze got very sick. It took her life, and Sprucetail was more devastated then his siblings. Sprucetail and Rosebreeze were very close. After Rosebreeze passed, Sprucetail trained more. When he needed time to think he always climbed one of the tallest trees, wishing he could be with his mother again. When his siblings and himself turned into warriors, his father, Stonestar, passed by battling one of his enemies. Sprucetail, Nightclaw and their sister Silvertail decided they would run away from the clan, and try somewhere new. They wanted out because everything that was their in camp reminded them of their father and mother. Later that night, they ran away, leaving camp and never looking back. The travelled for a while, and they made a new friend: Nightshade. Nightshade joined their travels to find a clan. Finally, they found a clan called BreezeClan. They all proved themselves that they were worth joining, and all four live in this clan.