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Hello there! This is just my little page about my Warrior Cat OC, Spidernight. I won't force you to read it, though it may be informational for you, and also helpful to identify me if you are a member of StormClan. Please don't edit this page, as I work hard since it is my first Wiki I've made. And trust me, I do work hard, because I spent like 2 hours trying to find a realistic picture of a cat that looked like Spidernight and it was impossible... So I sent Fern out to find me xD! Basically, Don't Edit the page, and all will be well... Well, except me, I'm really sick lol... :slow insane person laughing that fades away:


The bright forest surrounded 2 moon old Spiderkit, and she stared at her mother and father, Feathermist and Ashtail. They stood together, their grey and cream pelts mixing. "I'm going hunting. I'll be back in a moment." Said Ashtail, who padded off into the mysteries of the forest. "Stay safe," Feathermist whispered, her blue eyes shining as she thought of the dog pack that salvaged StreamClan, the Clan Spiderkit was supposed to be born into. But instead StreamClan was destroyed by the mangy fleapelts, dogs, so Feathermist and Ashtail left, and she was born a rogue. "Feathermist, when am I going to get to go hunt with Ashtail?" Spiderkit mewed curiously. But her mother's only reply was, "When you're older." Spiderkit noticed a white stem with a red plate-like object on top of it. It was red with white dots, and as she padded near it, Feathermist meowed to her worriedly, "Spiderkit, don't go near it, it'll harm you!" "But what is it...?" Spiderkit said. A moment later dogs exploded into their sheltered area, and Feathermist yowled, "Run, Spiderkit, run! I'll be okay!" And then Spiderkit ran, bursting with energy as Feathermist kept her in the area. Spiderkit ran and ran, until stopping on a marsh, noticing a white and dark grey she-cat, a brown and grey she-cat, and a white tom with a black underbelly who smelled funny. The entire marsh smelled like them. The white and grey shecat asked calmly, "Who are you, little kit?" And Spiderkit replied, "I'm Spiderkit, my mother and father just got attacked by dogs!" Then the brown and grey shecat came over. "Aww, it's okay. We'll help you." And she looked at the white and grey cat, who nodded, and said, "Welcome to StormClan, Spiderkit."

Information about Spidernight Edit

Name: Spiderstar

Sex/Gender: Female

Breed: Maine Coon

Hair length: Long

Mother: Feathermist (Deceased)

Father: Ashtail (Deceased)

Brothers: None

Sisters: Frostkit (Deaceased)

Age:12 moons (1 year Twoleg time)

Mates: None Currently

Kits: None Currently

Rank: Leader

Likes Edit

*Hunting, as she is good at it

*Beetles, she just hasn't lost that kit instinct to chase them

*Friends, she can't survive alone

*Training, she just needs to keep those skills sharp

💗~ RapidFlame ~💗

Dislikes Edit

*Fighting, she can't bare to see her friends argue

*Battles, she's afraid of failing her Clanmates

*Waiting, she's an impatient person at times

*Secrets, she doesn't like to be kept from something

*Isolation, she can't be alone for long, even if she's unhappy

Appearance Edit


Spiderstar is an alluring she-cat with large amber eyes. Her dark pelt color helps her stalk though the night along with her slender frame which helps her move swiftly though the forest. She got her lovely looks and perfect hunting skills from her mother and father. Her long fur keeps her warm in the cold leaf-bare season. She is large for an apprentice because her training was pushed back a bit from her mentor Sagefall becoming a queen.

Art drawn by myself and others Edit

Spider nights oc

This one is a template used and colored by me of Spiderstar

(More to be added.)

Backround Information Edit

I was born a rogue/loner, so how do I have StreamClan blood? Well, my two parents were from StreamClan. Feathermist was the daughter of Daisywing and Raccoonfoot, and Ashtail grew up under the care of Smokestar and Petalstream. The camp was attacked by a wild pack of dogs, forcing the cats to leave. Therefore StreamClan was disbanded and their few remaining cats live as rogues and loners, some joining other Clans, some creating their own.

Spidernight is all-too-proud sometimes. She was an ambitious kit, and Feathermist feared she'd end up being one of the bigger cats who got in trouble and taunted all the younger cats. She was fulfilling that in StormClan for a while, until she became an apprentice and was taught swimming and climbing first, so that when a battle over territory came, she was terrified and unprepared, trying her best to help her Clanmates. She explained to her mentor and another warrior (Sagefall and Oakstorm) about her fear of being unable to help her friends and new family as a warrior. Sagefall comforted her, and Oakstorm explained how she too disliked fighting. Spidernight grew to be a great hunter and participated greatly in training fights when battles were nearing, as she still wanted to be sharp on her paws for them when they came. She forgot her taunting and mean comments, and her fear of failing her Clan in fights, from scuffles over territory to war against enemies, replacing it with confidence in her Clan that they would win. Later in her life Spidernight was exiled from the Clan she grew up in and loved, StormClan, and left to go shelter with Echostar, leader of SageClan, who was a great friend of hers. She soon regained her strength and realized that even though she lost what she loved, she'd have new beginnings, and soon started CreekClan. She took on the name of Spiderstar and the nine lives of a leader. The start of CreekClan wasn't the best, though it turned out to be a peaceful Clan that thrived in a marshy forest.