NAME ........ Specklekit  

Speckle: For the small white specks on her pelt   

Kit: Standard suffix for all kits  

PAST NAMES ....... N/A

GENDER ....... Female

CLAN .......

RANK ....... Kit

MENTOR ....... N/A


AGE ....... 1 moon (barely)

BREED ....... Bengal and a Domestic Short-hair Tortoiseshell cat Mix

SIZE ....... Specklekit is smaller than most kits at her age, yet she still is growing, she is the smallest out of the nursery so far and will most likely be the smallest of the clan, other than Tinypaw, but one thing that's for sure is her soft and delicate pelt isn't helping with her size.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION ........ A slim, brown and black-colored she-cat with several white flecks and bright yellow eyes

SCARS ......... None


◊ - - Specklekit's body is slim and agile, and during play-fight's her small body allows her to not have trouble dodging a blow or skittering out of the way. She seems to be lacking chub and fluff present in most kits her age, but she is still as ditsy as any of the other kits on her new feet. Other features include her piercing yellow eyes which can be spotted quite quickly and her lion like tail.

FUR ....... Specklekit's fur is short and also quite light which can be an advantage but disadvantage at the same time. Its length makes it easier to groom and to keep it clean but also causes her to be quite cold during the winter.

EYES ....... Her eye's are a bright yellow that have dark lashes at the ends. They are rather round in shape and some could say that her eye coloring resembles a dandelion.

BODY TYPE ....... Small and slim at the moment

SPECIAL FEATURES ....... Her lion like tail is the most noticeable since it is very skinny yet has a puff of fur at the end like a lions.

SCENT ....... Like most kits, she smells of her mother's mile and the nursery. Though, her most noticeable scent besides those is the smell of flowers that seem to stick with her.


TRAITS ....... [ Kind ] [ Trusting ] [ Passionate ] [ Shy ] [ Oblivious ] [ Stubborn ]


+[ Kind ]Specklekit loves to help others whenever she can, and hates to see other cats upset or confused about something. Her emotions and words are always very genuine, and when her friends are troubled by something she will do everything in her power to help them. She just wishes for everyone to be happy and safe but this does mean she may help an enemy or two on occasions. By nature, she is very gentle; when she says she cares, she means it.

+[ Trusting ]Being such an honest cat, she thinks everyone else is the same by heart... meaning Specklekit isn't just an extremely trusting individual but foolishly so. She will put so much faith and love around her that she doesn't like to tell others how she feels, afraid they will worry about her. She doesn't have any personal secrets about her since she figures the best way to earn someones trust is to give them yours first, causing her to be taken advantage of at some points.

+[ Passionate ]When Specklekit does something, she never does it just half-way, she will give it her all and put as much effort needed to accomplish her goal. She works hard and takes pride in her work, accomplishments and relationships with others. Just don't mistake her for being brave, she is a softy at heart that doesn't like to get involved in much conflict.

+-[ Selfless ]Specklekit is very shy and this makes it hard to introduce and express herself to others she doesn't know. She may be trusting and will trust you in almost an instant, there will always remain a part of her that she is the weakest at, and that is when asking for possible help. Afraid that they will worry about her or even involve some possible conflict, she keeps to herself. If you can make her trust you enough, not that she doesn't trust you already, but maybe a bit more, she will confide to you.

+[ Oblivious ]She is very oblivious to things and has a hard time seeing what something really means. She tries her best to read as much into something but will usually cross over the real reason and she sees that the true reason just couldn't be it. She is very oblivious in friendships, as she never knows if she is actually friends with another.

-[ Stubborn ]Specklekit is very stubborn, she doesn't like to believe some things that goes against what she says unless it truly makes sense to her. If you say that your not upset yet she sees you are, she will try to break you down till she gets the answer so its best to just confide into her before she gives you a hard time.



◇ Living | ◆ Deceased | ◈ Whereabouts Unknown

MOTHER ....... ◇Spottedfern

FATHER ....... ◇Ghostsoul

SIBLINGS ....... ◇Ashkit

STATUS ....... Too Young!

ORIENTATION ....... Straight/Demisexual


Like-She doesn't know to be honest, but she will know when she meets the right person

Dislike-She doesn't know to be honest, but she will know when she meets the right person


Prolouge: Prior to birth

Specklekit's mother, Spottedfern, was a graceful young she-cat who had barely just become a warrior. She was very bright and passionate but could be very stubborn when it came to some situations. When it came to her appearance- Spottedfern was a lovely tortoiseshell, she had short hair but her bright yellow eyes and personality is what caught the toms eye. Apparently, she had accepted one of the toms though, Ghostsoul, and with the intention of becoming a mother, she became one quite quickly and was excited to carry a little bundle of joy. She belonged to the clan Crescentclan and all of the clan were happy to hear of the news. When Spottedfern gave birth it was quite quick and they didn't have any problems with it. Following directions by other clan-mates, she gave birth to two kits and named her Specklekit after the white flecks along her pelt and her brother, Ashkit, after his dark grey patches. Due to problems with Ghostsoul, Spottedfern had to soon abandon the kits after they were born.

Chapter 01: Kit

.. In progress ..


.. In progress ..



+ Great at walking silently

+ Is swift due to her slim body


- No ambition

- Has little weight to put behind her attacks


+ Warmth

+ Colorful flowers

+ Sleeping

+ Making friends


- Storms (especially thunder)

- Being awoken from a nice nap

- Snakes; Snakes are horrifying

- Getting her fur wet due to it making her cold

TIME ZONE ...... (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

METHODS ..... Animal Jam/Email (If I know you well enough/know you in person)

POST SIZE ..... I'm happy to match size with whoever i'm roleplaying with

RATING ..... Any [Minus any sexual content -.-] 

Roleplay example

Anatomy/Vocabulary Example:

The fae's radaric zenithcals ethicaled, her atramenous and alabaster ante dictus vacillate transmorgify against the undergrowth. Tiny's bobbed emphenndage twitching, she gyrotated her captius dimintious maximus to look behind her. Her radaric zentihcals ople spotting a ecrueed volumtious veluntious squirrel. She crouched down, pinning her radaric zenithcals to her captius dmintious maximus, accredic her mitts move forward carefully. Opening her quadrotomandibular articulation she leaped into the air, outstretching her ante dictus which already had her eponychium scathers unsheathed. She was in luck as well, the ecrueed creature barely noticed her as she accidentally overleaped, landing ontop of the creature. Luckily, she had sunk her concave dentalism articulario into it's matpansarious hitting the embouchment to quickly kill it. Sanguine fluid seeped out of its neck as the five moon old kit shook her integumentary to get the dust off before ensconcing and enjoying her lucky meal.


If you want to do a roleplay with Specklekit please let me know!