Name: Edit

Soul (Kit):  : Due to his sightless & Blind eyes. They might be sightless, but he still has a lot of spirit and Soul in him.

Possible Warrior Names: Edit

SoulFall, SoulFang, SoulFeather, SoulClaw, SoulRise, SoulShatter

Past Name: Edit


Nicknames: Edit

Souly/ Soulbae/ SK (Soulkit)

Gender: Edit


Clan: Edit

Newly Founded Stream Clan

Rank: Edit

At the moment, He's a kit

Mentor: Edit

Nobody yet, but he hopes to either get Ripple Star or LightWing as his mentor.

Apprentice: Edit

He really wishes to become the best mentor there ever is. He might be forced to become a medicine cat, since he is blind. But, he hopes to have at least two apprentices.

Birth Season: Edit


Age: Edit

2 Moons

Breed: Edit

Calico/ Mainecoon/ Unknown other gene's

Size: Edit

- Soulkit's pretty tiny for a tom-kit, making him easy to pick on. His size and blindness causes a huge issue and problem for him. He might seem to be very easy to fight or to pick on, but his inner rage makes his size a small issue. He's small pretty has high endurance and strength lodged deep within his tiny body.

Brief Description: Edit

Jet Black Tom with white tipped ears/ White front & back paw on the left side/ White tipped tail/ White Calico Spots along entire pelt/ White bottom chin/ Sightless- Pure Icy Blue Eyes/ Three White lines underneath each eye

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