Family MembersEdit

Mother: Lilacflower

Father: Sunstar

Aunts on Mother's side: Dawnfeather, Featherstorm

Uncles on Father's side: Haretail, Kinkheart, Littlepaw

Cousins: Flowerpetal, Bayleaf, Leafclaw, Skyheart, Cherryheart, Stormpelt, Lionpaw

Kits: Dovekit, Owlkit

Mate: Frostwing


When Songkit was less than half a moon old there was a battle, being a scrawny kit she followed her mother into the battle. Her mother died on the border with that clan, leaving Songkit with no way to get home. When Songkit was only half a moon she was found on the border close to starvation by Ironclaw. The brave warrior gave Songkit to Marigoldclaw, who had two sons a bit older than Songkit. Songkit was raised by Marigoldclaw and her mate Hawkheart until she became an apprentice. She trained hard and earned the warrior name Songbird. Sunstar always admired the young cat and made her deputy. And when a battle took Sunstar's life Songbird became Songstar, and learned who her real parents were. Songstar had kits of her own and was a great leader.