Inspired by OC: Quillfoot and OC: Wolfstorm

Goodbye, Talltail. Your time is over.
~Snowstar to Talltail
Your dead, Berrystar. Now I'm leader.
~Snowstar to Berrystar

Name: Snowstar (originally Snowfeather)

Species: Felis catus

Breed: Turkish Angora

Gender: She cat

Clan/Pack/Tribe: Shadowclan-Pinkpeach1

Mate: Stonestar~ Tortoiseshell tomcat



Kit: Silverstripe~ White she cat with Silver tabby stripes



Father: Birdclaw: Ginger tomcat with deep blue eyes (Dead, killed by Foxes)

Birdclaw for Snowstar


Mother: Ambereyes: White she cat with Amber eyes (Dead, Killed by myself)

Ambereyes for Snowstar


Sister/s: Quillpaw~ White and brown felis catus she cat with deep blue eyes (Still alive OC: Quillpaw)

Quillfoot for Snowstar


Brother/s: Gingerkit~ Light ginger kit with amber eyes (died in birth)

Gingerkit for Snowstar


Hazelpatch~ White medicine cat of Horizonclan with a brown patch on his back (Dead, killed by myself)

Hazelpatch for Snowsrar


Friends: Stonestar, Silverstripe, Inprobus, Wolfstorm, Stormstar and the Rest of Shadowclan.

Littermates: Shadefur, Orangetail, Talltail, Smallface, Crushednose and Shadowpaw.

Granddaughter/s: Graykit

Grandson/s: None

Brother In Law: Shadefur

Niece/s: None

Nephew/s: None

Age (By moons): 29 1/2 moons.

Theme song: "Everybody Want To Rule The World" by Lorde

Appearance Edit

White she cat with a shredded stump of her tail at the end of her backside. Deep scars are cut into her pelt and her eyes are a light shade of amber.

Personality Edit

  • Snowstar is an aggresisve she cat.
  • She will result to killing if things do not go her way.
  • Snowstar is wise and sharp witted, but can be stubborn.
  • Snowstar is flirtatious and very demanding.
  • Snowstar trusts cats easily, and finds harmony with Shadefur.
  • Snowstar has a crush on her brother in law, Shadefur.

Backstory Edit

Snowstar's backstory is on her blog, SnowstarPinkpeach1.

Strengths and FlawsEdit

  • Snowstar is very aggressive, and can be driven mad easily.
  • Snowstar can sometimes be cheeky and caring toward loved ones.
  • Snowstar is very powerful and can kill a cat with one swipe of her claws.
  • Snowstar can go to killing to get what she wants.