I am in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat. I will show you, as I have shown myself, that I am capable; I am someone; I know where I stand. I know who I am.

- Snarkypelt

Snarkypelt - Regal, Darker Pelt

Snarkypelt as a ScarClan Warrior, several sunrises before her death

Snarkypelt Edit

Species: Felis Catus

Breed: Long-haired Tabby + Maine Coon + Others mix

Last Known Rank: Warrior

Current Residence: StarClan

Snarkypelt Them Song- Digital Daggers - The Devil Within03:57

Snarkypelt Them Song- Digital Daggers - The Devil Within

Past Residence: ScarClan

Theme Song: The Devil Within by Digital Daggers

Basic Information Edit

Name: Snarkypelt

Season of Birth: Leaf fall

Age: 39 moons (at death)

Status: Deceased
Snarkypelt Image2

Snarkypelt at 13 moons.

Sex: Tom

Sexuality: Asexual/Homoromantic

Nicknames: None

OC: Snarkypelt
Snarkypelt Rock img
Snarkypelt as a young apprentice
Old: ScarClan
Current: Deceased - StarClan
Current Rank: Deceased Warrior
Last Rank: Warrior
Mother: Featherstar
Father(s): An orange tabby rogue
Siblings: None
Mate(s): Unknown
Kits: Unknown
Mentor(s): Blackthunder
Apprentice(s): Snakepaw (deceased) and Thorn
Age: 39 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Deceased
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: Unavailable

Relations Edit

Mother: Featherstar

Father: Rowantail (Rogue)

Littermates: None

Mate(s): Unknown

Appearance Edit

Snarkypelt was a orange-gold and white long-coated tabby with lengthy whiskers. Tufts of fur grew from his ears; he had sharp emerald-yellow eyes and a piercing stare. As a kit, he was a bright ball of orange-and-white fur; aging, however, his fur darkened comparably as he resembled his rogue father's complexion. He had a patch of ivory-white fur on his chest that would be visible at certain angles; this too darkened as he aged.

He had a torn left ear and a scratch on her nose. Where fur had grown back, three claw marks ran down his flank circling down his hindquarters.

Snarkypelt had a long, plumed tail that required frequent grooming, lest it become entangled with twigs, leaves, and dead critter corpses.

Personality Edit

Snarkypelt was a quiet, aloof cat. He trusted no one save for his mother and mentor; but even the former lost Snarkypelt's trust after leaving ScarClan for a rogue life.

He was determined, quick-witted, and short-tempered. Due to his asocial personality, however, his short fuse was witnessed by only a pawful of cats.

Story Edit

Snarkypelt was the lone kit born to Featherstar. It was not clear whether his mother gave birth to him before or during the she-cat's leadership. Mistaken many times as a she-kit during his young years, Snarkypelt felt a budding grudge towards female beings in general.

He was taught the basics hunting and fighting by both his mother and Blackthunder. It was when he reached the age of thirteen moons did he finish her alleged "training." At this time, ScarClan had not been founded, for Snarkypelt was known as merely Snarky.

Soon thereafter however, alongside his mother and mentor, ScarClan came into being.

As the rules and hierarchy came to light, Snarkypelt was given an apprentice known as Snakekit. Now Snakepaw, the two enjoyed a moon of training before the latter was poisoned from a snake bite and succumbed to his wounds, thus dying.

As time went by, Snarkypelt reached 25 moons. It was now that he received his second apprentice - Thorn, a former loner. A quick learner and an able fighter, the thick-pelted tom quickly gained Snarkypelt's unvoiced approval.

As time wore on, Thorn and Snarkypelt grew closer. They would hunt together and frequently found themselves side by side during border patrols. Completing his apprenticeship within five moons; Thorn refused the traditional Clan Warrior name, resulting in a perturbed and greatly annoyed Snarkypelt.

Thorn would remark blatantly at his lack of a mate, openly teasing his coquettishly. Snarkypelt would remain silent; this was not well-received by the fiery-pelted tom. Despite his unspoken attraction to Thorn, he remained silent and made no move in delving deeper into the topic.

As the two hunted together one leaf fall, Thorn admitted his growing feelings for Snarkypelt, asking his former mentor to become his mate. Much horrified and mortified at the judgement of his Clan, Snarkypelt refused the confession with a quickly-beating heart and headed back to camp alone

Following several sunrises, Thorn left ScarClan quietly. There were rumors regarding the reasons of his leave, but they were are all ignored by Snarkypelt.

Snarkypelt hardened his resolve and distanced himself more than ever. Blackthunder would tsk disapprovingly at his behavior, nosing at his sour attitude, but as time flit on, he let the sullen tom be.

News of disruptive badgers raiding ScarClan borders was duly received. Patrols were assigned, with Blackthunder and Snarkypelt among them.

Despite their success of driving the badgers out of ScarClan territory permanently, the victory was short lived. With major causalities, Snarkypelt and Blackthunder suffered threatening wounds.

Succumbing to his injuries, Snarkypelt died alongside his mentor several sunrises later.