"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens."


-Unknown Author

Theme Song: Curse by~ Imagine Dragons Edit

Basic Information: Edit

Name: Sienna

Species: Felis Catus (Cat)

Breed: Bengal Cat (Prionailurus Bengalensis)

Age: 38 Moons

Gender: Female

Current Clan/Pack/Tribe: Contemporary N/A

Rank in Clan/Pack/Tribe: Contemporary N/A

Parents: Unsourced

Siblings: Unsourced

Kin: Unsourced

Mate: Contemporary N/A

Kits: Contemporary N/A

Initiates: Sienna is most likely to befriend another rogue she confronts.

Acquaintances: Sienna is most likely to confront another rogue and retreat peacefully.

Description of Sienna: Edit

Appearance: Being derived from Marbled Cats, Sienna obtains a very lengthy tail, used for counterbalance. This gives her an advantage over others. She possesses similar to a denticulate texture claws, having them curved and undulated also. She is very skillful when climbing trees and other obstacles. Her pelt preaches from her name, having a burnt sienna color. Black blotches overtake most of this unique color, but makes an alluring aspect. Sienna has viridescent, luminous eyes, habitual to narrowing at a disclosed or evident entities with thought.

Attitude: Sienna is very contented, although her blemishes prove otherwise. She has experienced many battles, taking part in the majority of them. She is rebellious in action, but this doesn't mean she wins every skirmish. Recalling from her past, she was very gentle, and captivating. Of course, this has changed immensely. She seeks vengeance, over a concealed feline. She will only intend malicious deeds to those who are kin to this specific cat. But don't be afraid to confront Sienna, although she can sense who deserves a punishment.