“The reason I do not respect you, is for you thinking I am somewhat lower than you. The fact we are all equal clearly does not affect your thoughts.„ (Shurui to half-brother, Stoneheart.)

Basic information: Edit

Name: Shurui (Clan name: Lightkit, Lightpaw, Redscar)

Sex: Female

Species: Felis Catus

Age (in moons): 28 Moons.

Group: N/A

Position: Loner (none)

Theme song: Titanium -David Guetta ft. Sia.

Relationships: Edit

Mate: Scar -below-Former Mate(s): Kiken (Passed)

Kits: N/A

Mother: Frostfeather

Father: Redeye

Step-father: Flamepelt

Siblings: Sister- Ivykit (now Ivypelt) Brother- Crowkit (Now just Crow) Half-brother- Stonepaw (Now Stoneheart)

Nieces/Nephews: Ivypelt's Daughter, Snowkit and Son, Hawkkit. Crow's Son, Sage.

Grandmother: Stripe-(Mother's side) and Jaggedtail-(Father's side)

Grandfather: Leopardheart-(Father's side) and Blade (Mother's side)

Backstory: Edit

Shurui was born with her two siblings, Ivykit and Crowkit. Once she had become an apprentice, her father, Redeye passed because of another Clan. Many moons after, her mother, Frostfeather, found a new mate which had a similar story. He had also got a son, Stonepaw, who turned out to be Shurui's worst enemy. She wasn't keen on Flamepelt either, and left the Clan with her brother Crowpaw. Crow travelled with Shurui for moons and moons until it was time to part. Shurui had promised him she will get a Pack aswell. However, this turned out to be a lie. Crow joined a Pack whereas Shurui continued to be a Loner. Whilst resuming on her journeys, she met a rogue Brute, Scar. They were good friends and explored the forests together and later on became Mates. They then decided to nest at a worthless clearing.

Likes and Dislikes: Edit



Being free

Exploring new territories




Annoying Cats who think they are better than everyone else.


Humans/Being captured and used as a pet.

Appearance: Edit

Shurui is a White Fae with the slightest tinge of Grey in her pelt. She has nearly clear eyes which are rather distinctive. She also has a torn ear, and half a tail due to her battling with some other Loners who had trespassed on the Clearing. Though Shurui seems extremely unattractive, she is actually rather nice-looking. But, don't be fooled, this Cat should and will do anything to protect the Clearing and her mate, Scar.

Related to a Pack? Edit

Shurui formally had a Mate before Scar, Kiken. He was the Deputy to a Pack and whom his sister was the Alpha of. She was utterly horrified of the tragic misshapen when Dogs raided the Pack. It took a long time to recover from it, but she finally plucked up the courage to move on.

Personality: Edit

Cold at times but soft occasionally, Shurui has many sides depending on her mood. Most times she rages or snaps back at Cats for an unknown reason. Though, on other days she is lighthearted and easy-going. It's farely easy to know when she is happy or angered. Although she is living a life with her Mate, she still feels lonely. Shurui wonders whether to take Scar on a journey to find her brother, Crow. And she is not fond of Ivypelt as she is selfish and arrogant.

Family members whom she does not approve of: Edit

  1. Stoneheart. Stoneheart just has to be first as he is probably one of Shurui's worst enemies. He is also arrogant, along with her full sister, Ivypelt. He always claims he is 'the best' and compliments his ego.
  2. Ivypelt. She only thinks of herself rather than anyone else. Once in her former Clan, Ivypelt ate before her Clanmates when hunting and as she got back, she helped herself to the first bite.
  3. Flamepelt. Her step-father only thinks of himself too. He fakes his supposed 'niceness' at her and her Family. She knows he is keeping secrets that need to be told, but the mouse-brained Cat always wimps out the situation.
  4. Blade. Her Grandfather (Mother's side) hates Crow as he always used to claw him playfully, (though he didn't know he was playing) and throw Moss at him, which he was only trying to use to play MossBall. Blade always scowled when he saw him but never thought anycat noticed.

Shurui is in need of a Clan/Pack/Tribe/Colony. If you have any suggestions please comment! That was Original Character, Shurui. Thanks :].