Info: Edit

Description: Shard is a long legged, fluffy, black and tan she-wolf with dark red spots and amber eyes.

Nickname(s): Biscuit (by oatmeal), Shardeh ( By Striker), ShardTheCard (By Striker)

Breed(s): Iberian Wolf/Canis lupus signatus and British Columbian Wolf/Canis lupus columbianus

Age: Around 14 moons (1 yr & 2 months)

Height: 5ft

Gender: Female

Current Group: The Pack of Mystic Souls (now disbanded)

Rank: Alpha

Past Groups: The Pack of Shadowed Paws, The Pack of Ephemeral Spirits

Spirit: Water Dog

Sin: Rage/Fear/Doubt

Theme Song(s):

Shake It Off/ By: Taylor Swift

Shots/ By: Imagine Dragons (at least some of it)

Fight Song/ By: Rachel Platten

Rotten to the Core/ From: The Descendants Movie

Bad Blood/ By: Taylor Swift

See You Again/ By: Whiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Too be added to..

Personality: Shard is a fun, gentle, caring, out of this world wolf. She has some experience in the Medic Field, but doesn't like putting it out there because of her past and worry of failing once more. Shard would bring up her past, if only she remembered more of it, but she doesn't feel that it's right to do so, so she stays quiet.


Mother: Malia (deceased)

Father: Tike (deceased)

Siblings: Flick (deceased)

Cousins: Unknown

Grandparents: Unknown

Mate: Night (Ship name: Sight)

Mother-in-law: Unknown

Father-in-law: Unknown

Sister-in-law(s): Unknown

Brother-in-law(s): Unknown

Pups(offspring): None


-Night (M/Location Known)

-Finch (F/Location Known)

-Sphinx (M/Location Known)

-Xaal (M/Location Known)

-Nyota (F/Location Known)

-Melody (F/Location Known)

-Cian (M/Location Known)

-Silver (F/Location Known)

-Sunaki (F/Location Known)

-Chimera (F/Location Known)

-Seth (M/Location Known)

-Tread (M/Location Known)

This part will always be updated, Shard continues making many good friends.

News: Edit

2/3/16- Shard is welcomed into the Pack of Shadowed Paws (POSP)! Shard is hopeful to learn new things at least almost every day.

2/12/16- Happy (early) Valentine's Day everyone! Shard has made new friends, as well as met old ones. She has felt good about her decision and plans to stay with POSP until the very end.

2/14/16- Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Not much to really talk about for today, other than I'm planning to make a backstory for Shard, and I'd like to hear some suggestions of what could happen, maybe your suggestion will show up in her story?

2/24/16- Not much changed over 10 days XD a fire raged through camp, Shard did her best to heal everyone's injuries, as usual. Doing so, she became Medic Assistant later on. (If from POSP, just PM me if you want details). See you guys later for more news!

2/28/16- Not much to share, but Shard has made new friends, and one of her best/newest friends would be Night. There might also be something new coming to Shard's life, but I shall not share, for the fun of seeing people "squirm" as they try to figure out what i mean :3

3/3/2016- Shard has got a mate in the POSP! WOOHOO! XD Anyways, Night is hers. Hope that they live a beautiful life together until the very end.

4/9/16- Shard left the POSP and had joined the POES before leaving it to create her own pack, the POMS (Pack of Mystic Souls). She has made many more friends, and has kept in touch with many of her old friends.

History: Edit

It was a dark stormy day when Malia and Tike (mother and father) had Shard and Flick. Flick later past from exposure to coldness. Shard grew up around herbs and medicine as her mother was once a healer for an old pack. One day, Tike came back with small, fresh wounds. A small group of loners had entered their territory and wanted to claim it as theirs. Battle soon broke out and Shard was taught to fight to her fullest even at a young age. The loners were defeated and went somewhere else, but, on that bright day, Shard's life would be forever changed. Here's her perspective of the battle, and the life changing moment:

My ears perked as I heard the distant sounds of pawsteps damaging small stalks of leafbare grass. Malia and Tike, my mother and father both stepped in front of me as 3 loners entered our basecamp their ears flattened and claws unsheathed ready for battle. Malia whispered "head for the cave Shard, prepare the herbs, quickly, and come out to fight" I did as I was told and ran towards the cave, a loner stepped out to go after me, but the cave entrance was too small for their large shape. I heard yelps, yips, growls, snarling and claws and teeth clashing as the battle broke out. As soon as I came out I was met by a large male towering about 6 ft tall. I ducked under their paws making them turn and trip over their own paws as I ran out towards my parents. This may have been easier if Flick survived I had thought, but quickly shook the thought away and rammed into a wolf who had my mother pinned. As the battle continued, the loners quickly lost momentum and slowly retreated. As they ran off, I noticed something wasn't right. I ran into the medicine cave dragging out every herb I could manage and ran to my parents sides. My mother was already gone, but I didn't believe it and moved to cleaning her wounds and whining for her to wake up. She never did. I quickly moved to my father hoping for the slightest shimmer of happiness. His fur was already drained of his warmth. It was too late. I had failed them. Failed my family. I was weak, still in need of teaching. I shook out my thoughts and curled up beside my parents quickly cooling bodies and let sleep take hold of me. The next day I woke up, hoping it was all just a dream. I was wrong. I got up washing my pelt, bundled the only shreds of herbs left, murmured a farewell to my parents bodies, and set off on a journey for hope..

Art: Edit

I will always be uploading more drawings as they come in =^-^=

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To go with the quotes that are shown below, here's a quote i kinda sorta came up with (?) X3 :

"Sometimes things are lost in our train of thoughts and only certain things can truly bring it back to mind"