Name: Shadefrost

Rouge Name: Frost

Nickname(s): Frostbite or Heartbreaker [From siblings]

Breed: Maine Coon

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 18 moons

Mate(s): Single

Group: None

Father: Blazefur

Mother: Creamclaw

Brother(s): Sunheart and Darktail

Sister(s): Brighttail

Kit(s): None

A p p e a r a n c e Edit


Pelt ~ Shadefrost has a black coat with some white on her chest and long bushy tail. Long haired

Frame[body]~ Shadefrost is slender and thin. With small paws and round head with pointed ears.

Eyes ~ Bright ocean-sky blue eyes with a icy feeling always appearing within them.

Scars ~ One on her left thigh, a large gash and the only spot on her body with short hair due to scar [clawed] deeply into her back leg where she has a small limp.

P e r s o n a l i t y Edit

Kind and sweet with a temper. She is kind to everyone her way but if the cat she meets starts to become rude or showing respect toward her she will lash out at you. She is mostly understanding and gental towards older and younger cats. She likes to have conversations about clan life/pack life/tribe life with whom ever she meets with. She is a good cat to speak with to lighten up your day.


  • Moon
  • Hunting
  • Stars
  • Friendly Cats
  • Stories
  • Jokes


  • Powerplayer's
  • Rude cats
  • Bullies
  • Disrespect

B a c k s t o r y Edit

Shadefrost was originally called Frostbite but took in the name Shadefrost due to her shadow appearance. Her and her brothers use to rough house and joke around with their eldest sister Brightail. They use to be pushed away from their older sister to where one day Brighttail snapped at Shadefrost thinking she was going to play another joke on her.She ran away from her home scared she'd only make her sister mad even more. As she was out there alone a rouge tom found her and had a smirk of evil, he clawed off some of Shadefrost's leg that now is healed and scarred today. When Shadefrost was found by her mother and sister in the middle of the forest they raised her differently. She wasn't allowed to hang out with her brothers and stayed within the den at all times. When she reached adult hood she moved away from her family and more into the wild. To rouges she is Frost, to clans she is Shadefrost but by heart shes Frostbite.