Your piteous words are like grains of sand on my pelt. With a sudden, but brisk, shake, you immediately fall.
Destroy what destroys you.

Salutations, whoever's reading this page. I am known as Scythe, and I decided to make this page about how I came to be. Well, I am still adjusting as we speak, but I will edit this many times.. Edit

History Edit

As a youthful beginner, Scythe wondered about the ways of life. She would usually stay quiet and shy away from everyone before sitting in the middle of the forest and looking around her. Enjoying the serene and quiet environment, she stayed there until nightfall. Heading back, she found out what she had left of her "family" suddenly abandoned her. She searched frantically, but couldn't find anyone. She managed to deal with it, but not until she found her siblings slaughtered infront of her. Depression striking her, her blood began to boil over the most littlest things. As a loner, she defended herself and stole prey from multiple canines. She began to watch fights that usually break upon the street dogs. Examining their attack moves, she decided to test them out. And there, she learned how to fight more efficiently than ever before. Getting bored of testing it on inanimate objects, she headed out towards the city to encounter a group of vicious, slobbering dogs. Managing to bite off a bit of flesh from one dog, she realized they had out-numbered her. She escaped, leaving that one dog to deal with blood loss and infection. Watching more and more battles, she began to form a thirst for blood. As her sanity rapidly began to reach it's peak, she decided to move from the city and into the forest, where there's more "prey"..

Personality Edit

She's described as a bipolar,unsettling,and thieving canine. She partakes in chance to fight, enjoying the baleful feeling that leads her to murdering her victims.

More Information Edit

Breed: Alexander Archipelago Wolf [Sub-species of the Gray Wolf]

Bite Force: 406-1200 Pounds of Pressure

Pelt Color: Pitch-black

Visual Edit