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"You know my name, not my story. You

» Saratoga »

see my smile, not my pain. You notice my cuts, not my scars. You read my lips, not my mind."

Name: Saratoga

Species: Panthera Pardus - Felis Silvestris

Sex: Female

Status: Inactive. See: Kashra

Group: She currently doesn't have a Clan, Pack, or Tribe.

Mate: None

Mother: Deceased

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Theme Song: Dracula by Bea Miller

« Saratoga's Appearance «Edit

A liquid shadow. Her pitch-black fur melts into the night like the starless sky. She has an inky-lavender, almost gray, underbelly. Saratoga's eyes are cold and frosty, capable of narrowing into menacing, snake-like slits. This feline is small, despite being half panther, though she is not to be reckoned with.

« Saratoga's Personality «Edit

Saratoga's emotions fluctuate frequently. One minute, she can be of a peaceful, maybe even cheerful, sort. A few minutes later, she could be enfuriated and you would be classified as an enemy.​​​​ You might call her bipolar. But Saratoga is fiercely protective of those she cares about. She has killed before and will kill again.

« Saratoga's Background «Edit

She​ was born in the city. No, not the warm, cozy house coveted by humans. Saratoga was born in the dirty alleys of the city, where rats skittered and gangs littered. She witness human deaths often, and was used to the subject of murder.

Until one day. While she was still a young feline, a group of cats confronted them and killed her mother ruthlessly before Saratoga's eyes, only to then return from where they came from: the forest. Saratoga escaped the treacheries of the city in a cold rage, determined to find the murderers who killed her mother... And wreak revenge.

« Saratoga's Flaws And Strengths «Edit

∞ This femorra is steely and cold-hearted, capable of releasing a rage that can shake the earth. Saratoga is very ambitious and headstrong. These faults often causes her to push away beloved friends and family who don't understand her and "get in the way."

∞ Raised in the filthy city, it was necessary for Saratoga to have superb fighting abilities. Now, those abilities evolved into advanced fighting techniques and skills used to severely sever and slaughter.

∞ Saratoga has a deep fear of being ignored and unheard. She is also afraid of being forgotten and replaced. Her ambitiousness pushes her to be voiced, and being headstrong and stubborn, she needs to have others listen to what she says. Saratoga feels as if she needs to be in charge of something. After her mother was murdered, she felt abandoned and forgotten, as if no one knew her and no one cared about her, and she couldn't deal with that torment again. She needs something that will tie her down to earth and keep her from floating away..