"Fear... It lurks in the shadowy depths of a cat's mind like an adder, ready to strike."
- Sand

Sand Edit

Name: Sand

Gender: Female

Species: Felis Catus

Breed: Abyssinian and Tabby Mix

Age: About 13 moons ( A year and one month )

Group: None

Position: Loner

Family Edit

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Rocky( brother, unknown ), Oak( brother, deceased )

Aunts/Nieces: Flower( niece, unknown )

Uncles/Nephews: None

Cousins: None

Offspring: None

Mate: None

Personality Edit


  • Impatient
  • Loyal
  • Inquisitive
  • Brave
  • Stubborn
  • Wise
  • Impulsive
  • Kind


Sand is very wise, which gives her an advantage when healing. She was the best medicine cat many have met, and her hunting skills are extraordinary. She has a very strong connection with Starclan, particularly with a she-cat named Sandstripe. Sand's curiosity makes her more willing to try new things than most other cats, though she will stick with the herbs she knows in risky situations. She will stop at nothing to accomplish her tasks. Nothing short of the destruction of Earth will keep her from protecting her friends. Her kind side is like a soft breeze in the morning, but she has an anger that flares like fire, destroying whole Twolegplaces. Her bravery is something to brag about. Sand is a honest loner to be proud of.


Sand can be very impatient and rude, which can lead to all sorts of problems. She easily gets distracted, and will push herself too far trying to do her job. Because of her impulsive spirit, she gets in a lot of trouble. She is adamant and stubborn, it is unlikely for her to listen to advice, though she will listen to her superiors. When she's angry, she tends to attack everything, including the thing she was supposed to be defending. She has a fear of boulders and other large rocks. Sand tries to ignore it, but you may notice that she will go out of her way to avoid rocks. Even though she has weaknesses, she's still a great cat.


Sand is a small tan she-cat with pale orange stripes. She's an Abyssinian-Tabby Mix with a slight frame. Her right hind leg is twisted beyond repair, her paw faces backwards. It does not affect her running, fighting, or hunting skills, though she walks with a slight limp. She has amber eyes that mysteriously brighten into emerald when a cat from Starclan contacts her.


Sand was born in a forest with her two brothers, Oak and Rocky. With no parents to monitor them, the curious kits got into trouble with a wolf pack that killed Oak and severely injured Rocky. With her healing skills, Sand saved Rocky from dying, but he was taken by the wolf pack half a moon later. She lived alone, catching prey despite her bad leg until Whisperstar from Stoneclan saved her from the same wolf pack. Sand joined Stoneclan and eventually became a medicine cat. She left Stoneclan (now Aspenclan) with Whisperstar and a few others and became a rogue cat. Once Whisperstar was killed, Sand joined the Pack of Whispering Breezes as a Medicus (Cursor). Now The Pack of Whispering Breezes has disbanded, and Sand is a loner once more.