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This page is extremely old, I Edited this page because i wanted to Make my new oc Daughter of my most loved oc, Salty. So its a bit confusing.

Basic Information: Edit

Name: Saltpelt

Breed: ??? ( Unknown )

Status: Deceased 

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Rank: Medicine cat

Former Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Rogue.

Current clan: Starclan

Former Clan: Mouseclan, Rushingclan 

Age: Over 140, She is deceased 

Description: A White she-cat , kind nearly sapphire blue eyes.

Mentor: IvyTail ( Deceased )

Apprentice: Lightningpaw

Theme songs:  Why Try - Ariana Grande

Beliefs: Starclan, 

Saltpelts personality: Edit

A Kind hearted shecat With a love for everyone. A brave Shecat In Violent Situations And Skills of Attacking Like a Warriors. She has A Massive Fear Of Cats Fighting With eachother because she does not know what it will lead to and because of her backstory. After all. When You dont have a smile.. And She does. She'll Give you one.

Relationships: Edit

Father: Woodstar

Mother: Remor

Sister/Brothers: Scarletpaw

Aunts: Icefang, Wolfspirit.

Uncles: Foxpelt.

Mate: None Because i suprizingly obey the rules ):D

Crush: Now Why Would i tell that c;?

Saltpelts History: Edit

Salt Was The In-Training Medicine cat of Mouseclan, Well, When she was promoted to her Full Name; Saltpelt, She began seeing a, Tom, About a moon later, Here is a paragraph of when she knew they had to part.

" DropletSun, I love you dearly, But its begining to get too impossible, This is forbidden, My dreams were to become a Loyal Medicine cat to mouseclan, But im not loyal, Im A Scam, I Dont want to be a scam,, We cannot see eachother any more, I Will always love you, DropletSun, But My clan comes first, "

Dropletsun nodded as their shadows stood infront of them, Copying every move as the sun began to set.

" Your expecting my kits, Saltpelt.. I Am sorry, I Thought we would be together, Forever. "

Saltpelt stood in shock, And raced off back to her clan, But stopped. 

" Stupid Kits! I Dont want you filthy things! "

" No.. Is not there fault, Its his, I Will bring you up as you were normal kits. "

She was looked at strangely for the sudden increase in her weight, as she normally never ate.

But when Saltpelt's kit Was born, Ivytail was shocked.

" I Dont want them to be killed, Salt, Your doing is wrong, but i forgive you, You must leave your kit, Bring her up in the meadows,Leave her at an age, And then go to another clan,  Bring her up learning about herbs. "

Saltpelt nodded, Tears flooding her eyes, And running down her face, " I Love you, Ivytail, Thank you. "

" I love you too, Salt.. Now you must go. "

Saltpelt sneaked out of the clan, and sprinted as fast as she could to the meadows without hurting her precious kit.

She placed her down, And actually placed her on a chamomile, 

" Your name is ChamomileMist, And You are my dearest daughter. "

Saltpelt brought her up, Learning about herbs, And at her age, She left her, Chamomile Assumed she was dead, And walked alone for a while, Until she came across Bearclan. 

Saltpelt had gone to rushingclan to Be a medicine cat, she then Died there.

Likes: Edit

Friends and family

The Sweet scent of herbs


Bright Eyes



Finding and learning new things


Dislikes: Edit

Cats Who Dont obey the rules

Rude cats.



Too tall trees.

The Noise of rushing rivers.

Cats who dont respect their older ranks.


Tatics: Edit

Hunting: 50%

Fighting: 60%

Healing: 75%

Speed: 50%

Leaping: 56%

Digging: 30%

Tunneling: 40%