A lovely cat, Take command, Stay Strong, Keep your friends close but your enemies stay closer

Nicknames Saku, Saka, Sakubae, Sacky

Species Felis Cactus

Breed Abyssian

Sex Female

Group/Pack/clan/tribe One of The Raiders in the Pack of Treasured Souls.

ThemeSong by Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson - Missed (Official Studio Version) Lyrics on Screen -Full Length- New03:15

Ella Henderson - Missed (Official Studio Version) Lyrics on Screen -Full Length- New

~Sakura's Relations~ Edit

~ These Are Being Legit XD ~ Mate: ?

Mother ( WHO WAN BE MY MAMA O0Ob jk XD )

Father ( WHO WAN BE MY DADDY O0O Still jk XD )

Siblings Zorian & Jynx ( Deceased )

OffSpring Zencho

Neices Koi ( theircy )

Nephews ?

Cousins ?

Grandmother(s) ?

GrandFather(s) ?

Friends/Pals Zorian, Jynx, Kazure, Kashra ... All of PFM AM I RITE o0o, Vixen, Odium, Frost, and more ppls

Sakura's Apperance Edit

Average sized bengal she-cat with a cream pelt, brown underbelly with white scattered blobs. Fluffed enough to keep her warm in the winter and chilled in the hot summer. With beautiful crystal silver eyes. Able to see closely to her surroundings with thought and anticipation.

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Sakura's Personality Edit

Bubbly, Excited, Happy, Generous. Mixed personailitys link this fascinating she-cat. Excited, willing to try anything to make her a better she-cat. Without enemies making her hostile and non likeable she's exciting, happy, eager, and possibly playful. She get's this personality from being around cats she can trust and love them with no consequence of doing so. Enemies make her hostile and very angry. Often comes snappy, and really angry. But other than that, she's the she-cat who can force a smile on your face.

Sakura's Background Edit

( Note for possible questions: These are only for the cat oc Sakura. And none of this happened in real life. )

Nobody know's exactly where she came from. But she came from a life of mystery and confusion, and happiness and adventure. Looking forward for any sight or greeting of an adventure. Loves the nice warm climates. Bringing her paws to a nice soothing tone. And simply adores the sunshine and rainy days. When she was a little kitten she adored splashing in the nice little puddles of rainy water, and the chills of the rain water siliding down her back. And to this day she still does. It brings hope, and happiness in her life. But due to the bad parts of her life/past they haunt her to no avail. Leaving her blank and empty at times.

Sakura's Likes And Dislikes Edit


~Cats who she can come to for advice and help.

~Cats she can love and call "family"

~Cats who'll love her no matter how terrible her choices are or how good they are\


~Cats who tell rumors, and lies about her that aren't true.

~Cats who don't stick by her side and chooses to hate her

~Cats who'll push her around and treat her as trash, and not as a cat

~ABSOLUTELY HATES HATERS. They bother her to no avail

WHAT DOES SAKU LOOK LIKE ART!?!?! ( Add in your artwork if you have made any TYSM! ) Edit