"Leave me alone" ~Russet
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OC: Russet
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"Why are you here?" ~Russet
Old: None
Current: None
Current Rank: Self-taught Warrior
Last Rank: Kit/Self-taught apprentice
Mother: Unknown
Father(s): Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate(s): N/A
Kits: N/A
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): N/A
Age: 8 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Roleplay Info
Roleplayer: No Advanced Vocabulary/Anatomy

Name; Russet

Gender; Male (Tom)

Age; 10 Moons

Breed; Spotted Tabby/Bengal Cat Mix

Orientation; Pansexual-Asexual

Mother; Unknown

Father; Unknown

Siblings; None

Clan/Group; None

Roleplay-ness; No Advanced Vocabulary/Anatomy

>>Appearance<< Edit


Russet is a Bengal/Brown tabby mix, a trait he inherited from his parents. His fur no longer possesses the soft, thin hairs a kit, but his tail is a fluffy wonder. His eyes are a light blue with grey flecks, like grey clouds scattered against a blue sky. His fur is a lighter brown than the spots covering his body, which are a burnt, dark brown color. His paws are empty of any spots or stripes, but his forepaws are evenly covered in ragged stripes. His nose is the same color as the spots on his pelt, and his claws are a soft, almost transparent white. His belly is as light as his paws, and the fur is an off-white color right in the middle of his stomach. The bottom half of his muzzle is a clean white, and the rest of his face, like his cheeks and forehead, have stripes that end in jagged points.

>>Personality<< Edit

Russet has not yet learned to understand right from wrong, and therefore he does anything he wants. He doesn't remember much of what his parents taught him, and so he doesn't know much of what to do with his life. He hasn't been taught the Warrior Code, and he hasn't had much time to socialize with other cats. This had causes him to be mean to other cats, and often he would attack whoever came near. Is there a chance to get to him before he grows up this way..? That is to be discovered..


+ Sleeping

+ Running

+ Leafbare

+ Mossballs

+ Honey


- Newleaf

- Swimming

- Climbing of any kind

- Berries of any kind

Status; Too young

>>Backstory<< Edit

Russet barely remembers his life in his last Clan, let alone its name. Now, though, he is living on his own in an abandoned Clan camp. He has everything he needs, except... Someone to talk to. He hasn't had that for a long time, since the last time he had talked to someone was when he strangled the last words out of a dying cat.

>>Stats<< Edit

Stamina: 9/10

-Long Periods: 9/10

-Short Periods: 10/10

-Very Short Periods: 9/10

Strength: 9/10

-Jaw Strength: 9/10

-Hindleg Strength: 10/10

-Foreleg Strength: 10/10

Speed: 9/10

-Trot: 8/10

-Sprint: 10/10

-Walk: 9/10

Climbing: 2/10

-Pine Trees: 2/10

-Birch Trees: 3/10

-Oak Trees: 5/10

-Maple Trees: 4/10

-Poplar Trees: 1/10

-Elm Trees: 6/10

-Beech Trees: 3/10

-Sycamore Trees: 2/10

-Yew Trees: 4/10

Swimming: 4/10

-Floating: 4/10

-Moving: 2/10

-Sinking: 10/10

Social Skills: 3/10

-Talking: 3/10

-Making Friends: 0/10

-Listening: 3/10

-Socializing: 2/10

Combat: 9/10

-Water Combat: 3/10

-Forest Combat: 8/10

-Marsh Combat: 7/10

-Plains Combat: 9/10

>>Fun Facts<< Edit

~ Russet knows nothing of the Warrior code

~ Russet has killed 1 cat so far

~ Russet is afraid of water, as he almost drowned when he was half a moon old (but he doesn't exactly remember this)

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