Name: Sankei

Sex: Female

Age: 108 Moons (9 Yrs.)

Rank: Leader

Pack/Clan/Tribe: The Darkened Horizon

Acquaintances: Everyone within the pack.

Sexuality: Straight

Mate: None (Looking for one)

Crush: None

Pups: None

Family: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Brother(If Any): Unknown

Sister(If Any): Unknown

Personality: She is a very intimidating and serious person, who does not fool around unless she has a good reason too. When you upset her, you'd regret it immediately. Sankei is a very wise and understanding person, but when it comes to threatening her pack and her own blood, she will see to it that they will drain blood in her own jaws. She is able to detect your emotion and whether you lie or not. When it comes to leadership, she can be demanding at times. But overall, shes a natural leader. Never underestimate her, for she is one in a billion.

Appearance: She's a large canine with a thick & long dark black pelt, along with some brown. Her eyes are small and pale blue. Her tail is longer than usual, and she has too many scars to count which are all over her body. She also has a few grey hairs on her flanks.