OC: Red Falcon Edit

Name: Red

Title: Red Falcon (or Falcon for short)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)

Siblings: Spider (wolfgirl880)

Species: Feline

Breed: Somali, Mainecoon, Serval

Color: Russet-brown pelt with black-coal patterns.

Scars/Etc.: Torn left ear, scratched muzzle, torn up tail, right eye with bad vision.

Quotes: "You just got Falconed." -2016

Situation: Mercenary


Born rogue, due to parents having to leave their clans since they were together when they were in separate clans. At the age of 5 moons, his Mother was killed and his Father left him for dead. A old loner took him in and raised him until he was nearly 10 moons. Red had then joined Bloodclan for "training" but he stayed no longer than 3 moons. Having killed his mentor in an accident during training, he was exiled from the clan with his own blood spilled as an extra "gift." After 2 more moons, he had found his Father, crippled and old. He took the chance and murdered him by damaging his back legs terribly and pushing him into a 4-foot stream, sending him down to his deathly demise. Due to the traumatic fight, he couldn't hold himself back from killing someone during a battle ever since. To make it useful, he took advantage of it and made himself an assassin-mercenary sort of person.

(No picture of him yet, sorry :L)

-"Friendly" compliments from Deadpool.