~Introduction to PaleMoon~ (Third Point Of View)

The young she cat dashed through the forest quietly, following a beautiful aroma, and a certain tree that caught her eye. She sympathetically ensconced next to the tree with its wonderful aroma. It was a Larch. It reminded her of her alluring mother, which was named Larch. PaleMoon still ensconced and thought of what'd she'd do with her life. She had no idea. Still, she hoped her future would turn out fine. Though, the Larch brought her forward. She thought to herself, "My mother guided me, before she was killed. It's like she's here again now." PaleMoon glanced up at the tree, and descended with her ears flattened to her head, receding slightly. A cold breeze came through, as shivers went down PaleMoons spine. Suddenly, something came to mind. Her eyes broadened, as she blinked several times focusing on the sky. It felt the world had span. A whisper drifted through the air as a river glistened, "Welcome to a new brand world." PaleMoon felt dizzy, as her tail oscillated slowly. She knew what she should have done all her life. Find a clan. Her mother had spoken. PaleMoon dashed through the forest, dodging tries swiftly on her way. She had heard of all sorts of clans. Though, one had caught her attention. RushingClan. She tried to remember where she had saw it. As she was running, she got stopped by monumental tom. She receded quickly, gasping, as a cold, huge breeze went through the forest. The tom snarled, looking down at PaleMoon. PaleMoon explained nervously, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, um, run into you.." The tom shook his head, "No worries, but I suggest you get out of RushingClan campgrounds." PaleMoon stammered, suddenly exclaiming, "Oh, um, I'm actually looking for RushingClan..!" The tom gazed away, replying, "Well, this is the place to be. Who might you be?" PaleMoons ears flattened, looking in his direction, "PaleMoon. What about you?" His head turned to her, looking directly at her, "It's Glitch. Co Deputy of RushingClan." PaleMoon nodded slowly, "Oh, do you, um, mind taking me to your leader?" Glitch faintly smiled, oscillating his tail, "Of course." PaleMoon smiled back, feeling something she never felt before, but she kept it to herself. Glitch had felt somewhat like it. He towered over her, then bent down slightly, nudging her, "Well, lets go! I must welcome you to Eclipse." PaleMoon questioned, "Is that RushingClans leader?" Glitch teased her, "Well of course. Indeed. She is the leader of RushingClan." PaleMoon nodded, dashing after Glitch through the forest. After all, this was Pale's destiny. Hey, sometimes a little hope, can help you out a lot.

The Lesson Learned: Sometimes, look for a little hope now and then, and maybe someone else will help you.

My OC is PaleMoon! Get to know a little bit about her? Sure!

Also, on this page, you will be noticing lots, and lots of stories. I love writing stories.


She has a quiet and shy, but playful personality. She is sometimes sarcastic, but tries not to be in a mean way. She also is kind toward her friends. She has a warm, silly mind that fills with different thoughts that pop into her head. She's very playful, attempting to tackle you at anytime.

? Breed ? : Turkish Angora.

? Size ? : Small.

? Age ? : 24 Moons.

? Sibling ? : Risingsky.


She has a beautiful pale and alabaster pelt thats floccose. She has pale emerald alluring eyes. A light brown underbelly that spreads on her abdomen. She's a diminutive she cat, unlike others. Most cats are taller than her, and tower over her, but she doesn't mind.

-Where she came from-

PaleMoon was born in an warm, dusty place with an arid feel, that wasn't to exciting. Her mother, Larch, gave birth to her while she was about to go swimming. As soon as she stepped in, her mother rushed to her father, Pine. PaleMoon was born 13 minutes later. PaleMoon is now scared of water, and so is her mother from what had happened. PaleMoon has a brother, but is missing to this day. His name was Lion. Her mother passed away from a battle, and her father passed away of old age. Its still a mystery of where her brother Lion is now.

! Things she's scared of ! : Water and kidnapping.

! Reasons why she is ! : She's scared of water from a incident when she was born (learn in where she came from) and kidnapping because two toms in her lifetime had tried to take her with authority. Moon strike is one (tried to in RushingClan which was recently), and the other is Poison (awhile ago).

-Things she enjoys-

She enjoys playing and talking with her friends, at the territory, or at a clan. Maybe even hang out at the forest.

-Reputation- (opinions and beliefs)

PaleMoon believes that nothing you really want can come to you right away. You have to have HOPE it will happen, but you HAVE to work hard to get what you want, and succeed and achieve in life. If you don't work hard in life, you WON'T succeed and achieve your goals. Its just how it is in her opinion.

~Title: How Welcoming.~ (Another Story :O, your point of view)!

You glanced both ways in the musty forest. You were happy being a rogue, living a lone life, and you always got to do what you wanted. You were a little stubborn, and selfish, but at least you were living a life, where you could get ANYTHING you wanted. How great is that? Great Indeed! As you walked, you were looking down, watching where you stepped on the muddy and moist ground. As you looked down, a small paw, about your size, was there. You slowly looked up with a confused face. An alluring, diminutive she cat stood before you. You receded, extracting your claws, ready to fight. The she cat looked at your claws, smirking sarcastically, answering you, "You won't be needing your claws, darling." You hissed malevolently, sheathing your claws while she watched you. You sternly questioned, "Who are you, and why are you trying to mess with me you mouse brain?" The she cat replied, "First of all, I'm not a mouse brain, sweetie, and second of all, I'm PaleMoon, y'all ornery donkey." You gave a splenetic glare, getting ready to ascend onto the she cat. PaleMoon descended, settling with a smirk. "Oh my, it seems your ready to attack someone. Who might that be? Are they bothering you?" You felt like screaming, and pulling all your fur out. You replied angrily, "Well, maybe it's someone thats right in front of me!" PaleMoon looked both ways, and in front of herself, replying, "I don't see anyone else here." It seemed she was trying to bother you, or make you leave. You arched your back with agony of your wound, bellowing with annoyance. "Can I just continue my day, and you leave me alone?" PaleMoon shrugged, "I don't know, CAN you continue your day, and CAN I leave you alone?" She smirked, as she got on your nerves. You convulsed your head, your tail lashing with a sibilate, "Yes, I think I can, and you can too." PaleMoon ascended toward you, stopping when you two were face to face. She started walking around you slowly, answering, "Now, I have a question for you." She questioned slowly, "Why are you in RushingClan territory?" You gulped, not noticing you were near a clan. You shrugged, "I had no idea." PaleMoon sighed, "You need a clan my darling. I mean, look at you. Have you've worked hard to achieve ANYTHING?" You took her comment to consideration, "No, actually, I haven't.." PaleMoon nodded, nudging you, "Follow me, I must take you to CurrentClan." You noticed something. Maybe a clan was right for you by now, I mean, being able to do anything you want is great, but maybe having friends would work a bit better. PaleMoon grinned, as she stopped, and stood behind you. You were at RushingClan, standing in front of their leader. The leader smiled, greeting you, "Welcome to RushingClan. Your in."

Lesson learned: Friends can be more important than having anything you want.

~Title: Meeting someone new, and something new~ (Your point of view)!

You were upset. You felt lonely. You just wanted a friend or something more than that, but you didn't trust yourself to walk up to the she cat. You noticed and watched her pale and alabaster pelt glisten in the sun, as you grinned, started to walk up, but receded back again. You sighed with depression, mumbling, "Come on, you have guts, follow em." You weren't that confident, and couldn't make decisions easily. You watched her tail oscillate to the wind. You knew you were in clan territory, but you felt you couldn't leave without saying hello with an ecstatic entrance. Your eyes broadened, as she slowly started to amble away. You couldn't let this happen. You ran up to her with a sympathetic smile, introducing yourself, "Hello, I, I'm Blizzard. Nice to meet you." She turned to you with a light gaze, that drifted onto you. She replied, "Why, hello Blizzard. Do you need something?" You answered quickly, "No, I was just wondering-" You got cut off mid second, as the diminutive she cat pinned you down, with a smirk, questioning, "Why are you on Rushingclan's territory, huh? Are you planning something? Eh?" You convulsed your head, blinking several times, "No no, I just-" You got cut off again by her immediately, as she nodded, "Hm. I'll have to report this to Eclipse. Come with me." As she nudged you forward, she ambled behind you, leading you somewhere. You had no idea, and kept silent in case you'd get tackled again. You were struck, in a good way, but was a bit confused. You had to ask her what her name was. You asked in light tone, "Whats your name?" She answered, "Its PaleMoon." You nodded slowly, keeping silent after that. As you two were walking, someone had joined you. It was a monumental tom, with alabaster and an ashen pelt that glistened on the beautiful day. He nuzzled PaleMoon, as she nuzzled him back with a purr. It struck you, flattening your ears with anger, but kept it all to yourself. He was much bigger than you, and you didn't want to take the chance of dying right then. The tom nudged PaleMoon, asking slowly, "Who's that tommy right there?" PaleMoon replied, "His name is Blizzard. I'm a little bit suspicious." A faint smile appeared on her face, and a smile appeared on the toms face as well. You bravely questioned him, "Whats your name anyway?" He answered slowly, "Its Glitch. Co deputy of Rushingclan, my friend." You gulped, nodding. You all have finally made it to Rushingclan, and Eclipse had stood face to face with you. You stayed silent, watching PaleMoon and Glitch step aside. Eclipse eyed you suspiciously, with a huge grin, "Welcome to Rushingclan. Do you wish to join, young tom?" You gasped from her comment, nodding quickly. You were extremely excited, but kept it to yourself. Eclipse nodded with a sympathetic smile, "We welcome Blizzard to Rushingclan, declared as a warrior." You faintly smiled, glancing at PaleMoon. She lifted her head, sending you a sign she was proud of you. Eclipse whispered to you, "We usually don't let people in quickly like that, but you, Blizzard, deserved it. I feel I can rely on you." You cheered in your brain, as you imagined fireworks going off in your head. All that sadness and the unconfident trait you had, was all gone, and thrown away into the wilderness. Now, all you can think of is, Hello Rushingclan! Forever, and ever!

Lesson Learned: Follow your guts, you'll thank yourself later.


Today, she is in a clan, RushingClan, living a happy life. She still has the same personality, and same appearance. She has a wonderful mate, Glitch, and has a daughter. She may have kits again as well. She has her sister in her clan, Risingsky.

Her daughter right now: Dawnpaw. (became apprentice recently)

If you want to see pics of PaleMoons breed and what she looks like, go to my profile= xPalex Thank you!

Also, Glitch, my mate, made one of these too! Go check it out here! = OC:GLITCH