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General Information Edit

Name: Orpheus

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Age: 24 moons

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Occupation: Soon to be Cheiftan of The Blood Moon Keepers

Voice: James Earl Jones

Weight: 25 lbs

Height: 9.8 inches.

More Information Edit

Personality: Orpheus is bipolar. He has the following feelings

Insane Edit

Orpheus can be insane, but he can control this. It is rare if he shows this feeling.

Cruel Edit

He can be brutally cruel. He only uses this for the appropriate time. Its not that rare, nor that common.

Friendly Edit

Orpheus is friendly towards his brother, packmates, and friends.

Description: Orpheus is a Muscular Norwegian Forest Cat with a red overcoat. He has a stone-grey underbelly and a light red marking all around his body. He has ghostly, lifeless like white orbits. He is criss-crossed with scars, inculding a nick in his right ear. He has an unusually long tail.

Relatives Edit

Mother: Dead

Father : Dead

Brothers: Osirius ( or however you spell it )

Sisters: None

Mate: None

Offspring: None

Uncles: None

Aunts: None

Nephews: None

Neice: None

Strengths Edit

Exellent Swimmer

Great Climber

Good sense of hearing and scent.



Flaws Edit

Small toothache, not that major

Blind in left eye

Large Chip in his tooth

Theme songs Edit

My way by Fetty Wap

Lemme Take You to Rio by Ester Dean.

Fanart Edit

All fanart will be put here.