Name: Oak/Oatmeal

Species: Cougar

Gender: Female

Age: 22 moons

Pack: Pack of Towering Trees

Ranking: General

Description: Oaktail is a light brown female cougar with darker brown markings, a snowy under fur and forest green eyes.


Oak's personality is unpredictable. One moment she can be loving, others she can be a living nightmare. Most times she is calm and as collected as she can be. It takes a lot to anger her or upset her so it's best you don't get on her bad side. When she is depressed, it is unknown how long it will last on her but almost always she comes out of the ashes in the end. In the end she is loving and caring and is interesting to be around.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: The dawn, deer, her friends, relaxing, tree climbing, fooling around, hanging out.

Dislikes: Being lonely, Thunder storms, drama, depression, snakes, bears.

Family (All below are deseased)

Father- Ember

Mother- Silver

Brother(s)- Sparrow

Sister(s)- Snow, Amber

Grandparents: Seer, Poppy, Willow, Stone

Uncle(s)- Dusk

Aunt(s)- Clover, Meg, Gale

Cousin(s)- Light, Sand

Friends (Fam)

Basically almost everyone that is close to Oak in Pack of Towering Trees, she trust them all very much due to the fact that they provide support even in the hardest of times. Even counting former members as well X3

  • ''Never give in.''
  • ''There is always a bright side to everything, you just have to have the courage to seek it out.''
  • '' A quiter never wins, a winner never quits.''
Theme songs
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