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Oak has died, she died on july 1st (death unknown) sorry guys :'3

🌳Information🌳 Edit

Name: OakHeart

Clan: AbyssClan

Rank: StarClan cat

Former Clan(s): StormClan

Gender: She-Cat

Age: a year and a few days

Birthday:July 27

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: noisy, little crazy, Silly, Little Bossy, gets very mad, easily aggravated.

How others see me: (Please put your name then a - then Describe me :D this is for anyone)

Pumpkinberry- Kind, Crazy, Great And Loyal Friend.

Previous Mentor: Mapleleaf (Warrior) CinderHerb (Med)

Previous Ranks: Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Queen, Medic cat apprentice.

Previous Names: Oakkit, Oakpaw, Oakstorm.

Username: TangerinePress

DeavantArt: Oakstormftw (

Kik: Oakstorm (please don't contact me Unless your in AbyssClan)

WattPad: OakStormFtw

BackStory: ☀

🌳Appearance🌳 Edit

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Fur pattern: Tan with Brown spots and white underbelly

Eye Color: Dark Green

Scar(s): a small one under the right eye

Breed of Cat: Munchkin cat and Maine Coon mix

Size: very short, up to a normal sized cat's stomach

Accessories (Real): A flower tucked behind her right ear, sometimes twigs and herb scraps stuck in her fluffy tail

Clothing (AJ): Head Flower, Worn, Elf Bracelets, Elf Tail, Spike Collar (Normal) (Deer Fur, in Leaf Bare)

🌳Family🌳 Edit

Grandparent(s): Darkstar(Grandpa) Fadefall(Step Grandma)

Great Uncle: Tinyclaw

Great Aunt: Tornsoul

Parents: (Mom)Sandclaw (Dad)Cloudysky(dead)

Mate: None (Previous: Ravenfeather)

Kits: Poppyshade(F) Flintkit(M)(Dead)

🌳The Bae Squad(WE ARE THE POOPS)🌳 Edit

OakHeart (F) (Tangerinepress) (Dead)

Cherrypaw (F) (xxsoulenxx) (Dead)

Ravenfeather (M) (xxsoulenxx) (Dead)

Honeyfeather (F) (Grilloaug)

Ambershade (F) (Grilloaug) (Dead)

🌳Friends🌳 Edit

Friends:(Feel free to add yourself If you're my friend, I might add something about you)

Ivyshade (firefox5555)

FadeStar (seacseal)

DarkShadow (Fox0107)

TinyClaw (Strum)

Sagefall (Tiger81552) (Dead)

Whispergaze (Tiger81552) (Dead?)

Pumpkinberry (XxSoulenxx)

Ivypaw (firefox5555)

Honeyfeather (Grilloaug)

Cinderherb (Strongwarrior1)

Silvermoon (silverstaramh)

Fawnfeather (xxcatsxx38)

Mothpaw (xxsoulflarexx)

Echo (Vexushexus)

Rapidpaw (Vexushexus) (Dead)

🌳Neutrals🌳 Edit

Spidernight/Star (Xxsoulenxx) (Dead)

Silentmelody (Shadowstarsreturn)

Murai (Venturous)

Vortex (Thegreatwhitedragon)

PaleFern (mlp427)

FawnStar (Latefall)

IndagoStar (jammer15230)

Snowstar (Jaylightingcat)

Eclipse (Sandybeach427)

Kana (Tiger81552)

🌳Enemies🌳 Edit

I'd like to keep this private, for the reason that it may cause drama.

🌳Theme Song🌳 Edit

🌳Quotes🌳 Edit

"I may be small at first Glance. But my Heart and Spirit, are as Big as Yours!" -OakPaw

"My Heart will Always belong too AbyssClan. No matter where it is. No matter where it may stray. I will always go to where my heart belongs" -OakHeart

"My Soul will always live with my friends, family and clan. No matter how torn up my soul is, I will Always be loyal too the Abyss" -OakHeart after the fall of storm and the rise of abyss

"My family Is and Always will be AbyssClan, Because no matter how far we fall into that endless Abyss of sorrows, we will find a way out." OakHeart

"I may seem like a cat full of Love and Joy, But in my reality, I'm Sad, Broken beyond repair." -OakHeart

"My true feelings, may be hidden from sight. But they are still there. No matter what you do, no matter what anyone does. I will Always have feelings for you" -OakHeart having a sappy time and thinking about RavenFeather

"You hurt my Pride, I'll stare you in the eyes. You joke about my size, I'll snap at you. Now. I'd you Dare Even THINK about harming One Single hair on my friend or family's body's. And you'll wish you never did." -OakHeart, being Over protective

"Why is it that your strongest moments is when your sad, or fighting for love?" -a sad and confused OakHeart

"Please remember that even if you think you have nobody left, there's still someone out there who really cares for you and you shouldn't be afraid to talk to them. It's very important for you to feel good, no matter how bad your situation is. You deserved the world and so much more." -Repeteaded by OakHeart

"If you ever feel bad, please don't hesitate to call for help. Your worth so much. To some people, you even mean the world, and there is still so much for you to live for. One last very important thing: you ARE loved." -Repeteaded by OakHeart

"I want to your favorite hello, and your Hardest goodbye" -OakHeart

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FEEL FREE TO FIX THE MISTAKES PUMPKIN HASN'T YET *Shuffling away and signing out, Pumpkin*

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Kana and her creepy uprooted tree fantasy was here :3

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