" I am Misunderstood... Beautiful, Dangerous and Wild... Never able to be Tamed... The Epitome of Freedom... I am a Spirit that Roams the Night... My Eyes are just a Reflection of the Moon... I am... A Wolf." ~
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Name: Nimue

Age : 36 Moons (3 years)

Species: Wolf

Breed: Alexander Archipelago Wolf (Canis lupus ligoni)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Pack: TBD

Rank: Loner

Theme Song: Wolf by First Aid Kit

₪ Nimue's Appearance ₪Edit

Nimue is medium in size and has pitch black fur. The only thing that illuminates her darkness are her alluring golden eyes. Nimue has amazing eyesight, she says "The Spirits" granted her with the sight of an eagle. She is a spirit of the night, one with the moon and the stars, she is practically mystical. Her body contains a few scars from many battles. Her left eye contains the claw marks of a cat, along with a tip of her right ear missing. Tangled in her fur, on the right side near her ear, is a rare Eagle feather. The feather is white and black, with a red tip.

₪ Nimue's Personality ₪Edit

Nimue's character is very calm, she is one of very few words. Many come and seek her for wise counselling. She only speaks when she is giving advice, or when she is spoken to. A lot of other animals are sometimes intimidated by her, so it's hard to make friends. In reality, she is the kindest wolf you could ever meet. Nimue is very wise for her age and would help anyone in need... species to her doesn't matter.

₪ Nimue's Beliefs ₪Edit

Nimue believes in many things...(she's kind of like an indian...)

  • Life ~ Nimue believes life is very important, no matter what species...
  • Death ~ Nimue is not big on death, but if she has to kill to defend herself, or her pack, then acceptions will be made. "The spirits decide if one is to die or live... It is not our place to do their job for them." Is one of her most famous sayings.
  • War ~ "War and death is not the answer to everything" Nimue rather talk situations out before it leads to violence.
  • Spirits ~ Nimue believes in The Ancient Spirits . The Eagle, The Owl, & The Raven.

₪ Nimue's Family Relations ₪Edit

Father - Deceased

Mother - Deceased

Siblings - N/A

Mate - N/A

Offspring - N/A

Adopted Offspring - Althea/Deceased?

Nimue never got to formally meet her parents. She still see's a slight glimpse of her mother when she is dreaming while in a deep sleep, but that's very rare. Nimue was practically brought up by The Great Spirits her whole life until she was able to fend for herself. Throughtout the years she has now joined a wolf pack as a Stargazer and is now a mentor to a Golden Retriever pup named Whisper.