Night of the Fallen heart (Deceased ) Edit

Personality: Cold to everyone, but has a soft spot for kits; stubborn (when it comes to wound-dressing), generally untrusting (wip)

Appearance: Pure black, with strange brown markings; a jagged scar runs down her right side and across her muzzle. With the exception of a small portion, her left ear has been torn off.

Eyes: Blue

Information: Edit

Night of the Fallen Heart is not one for a fight. She has a very strong head and is a head taller then the normal sized cat. She can be kind, and caring once one finds their way past the barrier in her heart. She treats grown warriors like kits sometimes when they act the part. She lets the queens and kits eat first, followed by the protectors in training and the protectors, her successor, then herself. Night will not tell anyone about her past; her only answer to those questions are: "The past is the past... Let it be that way."

Family Tree Edit

Father: Dark soul [Alive - Warriorcats13ever] Edit

Mother: NIght of the Shadowed Hearts [Alive? - User Unknown] Edit

Sister(s): (all half sisters) Quiet Rain (deceased Phoenixcat124 ), Eagle Wing, (Phoenixcat124 ), Dark Heart (Deceased Backstory), Feather Mist, (Deceased backstory), Flarestar, (Shybravegirl24) Edit

Brother(s): Crow feather (Blazewildfire123 ), Dancing paw (Deceased backstory)

Niece(s): Flamingkit (Deceased backstroy), Dark-kit (Deceased back story),Nightmare (Deceased? Nightmarethesilent back story), Quietmoon (Deceased Back story/Unknown user), Blackkit, (Adopted ??? Need to find the user)

Nephew(s): None

Aunt(s): Unknown

Uncle(s): Unknown

Grandma(s): Unknown

Grandpa(s): Unknown

Mate(s): None

Kit(s): None

Daughter(s): None

Son(s): None