My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations.

~John Green

✮ General Information ✮Edit

☾ Name ☾ Nicola

☾ Nicknames ☾ Nic, Nicky, Niccy, Cola

☾ Gender ☾ Female

☾ Species ☾ Panthera Pardus

☾ Age ☾ 27 Moons

☾Occupation☾ The Tribe of Arcane Outlanders

☾ Rank ☾ Ambassador

☾Speed ☾ 36.04 mph (58 km/h)

☾ Voice ☾ Rihanna

☾ Theme Songs ☾ I Burn Masterpiece, Make a Move

✮ Relations ✮Edit

☾ Mother ☾ Unknown

Grandmother: Unknown

Grandfather: Unknown

☾ Father ☾ Unknown

Grandmother: Unknown

Grandfather: Unknown

☾ Sister(s) ☾ Unknown

Neice(s): Unknwon

Nephew(s): Unknwon

☾ Brother(s) ☾ Unknwown

Neice(s): Unknwon

Nephew(s): Unknown

☾ Mate ☾ None

☾Offspring ☾ None

☾ Friends ☾ Matahari, Tear, Ashia, Brown, Natalia, Antonis, Suna, Khai, Yurei

☾ Rivals ☾

  • Kia of HOO

✮ Appearance ✮Edit

Nicola is a purely sygian melanistic Leopard. Her calliginous, lustrous shade of fur often silhouettes against lighter terrains, giving her a phantasmagoric appearance that can both mystify and intimidate onlookers She procures captivating, opalescent eyes that usually shine a floe blue. A critical scar stretches along the angular rim of her shoulder blade. She has a curvy structure with a mass of 90 pounds and a 26 inch height.

✮ Personality ✮Edit

Loyal: Nicola has a unwavering loyalty toward her Tribe, making her a trusted Ambassador.

Obscure: Nicola is a peculiar, mystifying creature therefore it is often difficult to apprehend her emotions and expressions when she chooses to hide them.

Intelligent: Nicola is sagacious and careful about how she approaches situations.

Tenebrous: Nicola isn't always the mysterious, tranquil feline before you. She has a villainous, perhaps even vengeful trait that can be triggered spontaneously.

Compassionate: Nicola can act grim around newcomers or strangers, but is open and friendly around her comrades and friends.

✮ Fears/Flaws ✮Edit

  • The fear of loosing her friends
  • The Fear of letting her Tribe down, even for the slightest factors
  • Vengeance
  • Swimming
  • Hot Climates

✮ Strengths ✮Edit

  • Combat
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Climbing/Heights
  • Temperate CLimates

✮ Role-play Information ✮Edit

☾ Site ☾ Animal Jam

☾ Style ☾ Advanced Vocabulary or Traditional

☾ AJ Username ☾ Jammer2981718

☾ Wiki User ☾ Animaljamroleplayer

✮ Gallery ✮Edit

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