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" I've learned that you keep going, long after you think you cant."

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>> Nakota's Appearance <<Edit

Nakota's main pelt color is brown, and has lighter brown dapples on her back. Her underbelly is pure black. Her eyes are a crimson, the color of blood. She is an average-sized she-cat. Her breed is a Tabby - Mainecoon mix. Her fur is short, but fluffy. Her paw-tips are brown, like her main pelt's color. Nakota has a few scars on her back, and a scar across her eye. Her right ear has two nicks, from her opponent's claws. 

>> Nakota's Personality <<Edit

Nakota doesn't always have a cheerful mood. If something annoys her, she'll usually snap. Sometimes, she would have depression, but it's rare. Nakota is really friendly around her friends, but can be stern when someone she doesn't know approaches her. She's a fairly well cat to get along with. Well, most of the time. Nakota always tries to avoid unnecessary battles, because it could cause blood-shed. However, if needed, she's never afraid to unsheathe her claws and fight. She sometimes would loose her temper when someone/thing is angering or irrating her. Nakota is fiercely protective of Thunderclan and her friends. She never backs down from a challenge or fight. 

>> Nakota's Past <<Edit

Nakota was originally born as a rogue in the forest. Her family was unknown, though. When she reached the age of 3 moons, her mother and father abandoned her, leaving her off to survive by herself. Nakota never knew how to hunt, since her parents never taught her how to. She had to steal prey from other cats in order to survive. She found Thunderclan when she was 12 moons old. She joined the clan, and learned the ways of the Clans. By then, she knew how to hunt and fight. She became close friends with Maplestar, and a few other cats in the clan.