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"If you trust me enough, would you jump off the cliff, knowing I'd jump after you?"

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Prefix Suffix Rank Past Rank Age Theme-Song Status
Myth Pool Warrior Leader 28 Moons Sassy & The Hanging Tree Living & Active
Birth Season Nicknames Residence Past Residence Breed Status Sexuality
Leaf-fall Mitty & Mythie BearClan CeriseClan Mixed Living & Active Bisexual
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Mother Father Adoptive Mother Adoptive Father Aunt Cousins
Rye Flint Dapplestream Coalfur Swanstar[deceased] Winter[f]
Siblings Mate Past Mate BFFs Enemies Kits




Petalfall[f] Nightshade[m] Too many. Meh. Coalkit






[all dead]

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*Note this is how the character feels, not myself personally. So please don't be offended.

Rye - "Who's she..?" - Trust: 0/10

Flint - "Never heard of him.." - Trust: 0/10

Dapplestream - "She's amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better mother than her." - Trust: 8/10

Coalfur - "Bubbly, humorous and responsible, he's a great father and a friend!" - Trust: 9/10

Swanstar - "I don't really know her, but she seemed pretty cool." - Trust: 6/10

Winter - "I only remember her faintly as a kit. She was calm and peaceful and a good friend." - Trust: 6/10

Cloud - "I haven't seen her in forever. I miss her dearly, and protecting her." - Trust: 7/10

Falcon - "She left pretty early, I saw her once and never again." - Trust: 2/10

Cherryflight - "First cat I'd ask for advice and turn to for help." - Trust: 9/10

Suzume - "I wish we could talk more, maybe then I would trust her a bit more.." - Trust: 5/10

Petalfall - "I trust her a lot. But I don't see her anymore. It's just complicated." - Trust: 9/10

Nightshade - "He wasn't there for me much, he was more like an apprentice crush." - Trust: 4/10

Coalkit - "I will always grief for my precious daughter along with her sisters. She was gentle and energetic and quite wise for her age." - Trust: 8/10

Quillkit - "I lost her so quickly. As if an eagle just swooped down and took her out of my paws. I wish I could see her." - Trust: 7/10

Tinykit - "I remember her as a kit which was everywhere. Bouncing about or being nosy." - Trust: 7/10

Dapplekit - "She was sweet and caring. I hope she walks among the stars with her sisters." - Trust: 7/10

Minkkit - "I lost her while giving birth, but I know she didn't deserve to die." - Trust: 5/10

Silentkit - "She was calm and quiet, she had a sweet nature. I do hope she's playing with her sisters, and started to open up a little." - Trust: 7/10

Brightpath - "I love having her company around, she truly is an amazing friend." - Trust: 9/10

Aurorasong - "I met her in the forest, and we immediately had a connection. I hope this will blossom into beautiful friendship in the future!" - Trust: +8/10


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Mythpool is an average sized warrior, with night black pelt, with striking dark gray stockings, tips of her ears, tip of her tail, splotch on her muzzle, and chest. She is very fluffy and is considered to be 50% Russian Blue, 10% Ragdoll Cat, 15% Norwegian Forest Cat, 20% Siberian Cat and 5% Munchkin Cat. She has two different coloured eyes; a red eye which represents her fight for her faith and what she had to put up with and a blue eye, for her energetic and never ending characteristics, as she can appear anywhere and everywhere. One of her ears is permanently floppy due to an accident she had as a kit and it can't function properly and sometimes it becomes a pain when she is instructed an order.


There is a faint scar on her nose, hardly visible. She has a large scar on her floppy ear due to an accident which occurred as a kit.


Height: 22 cm

Mass: 3.2 kg

Length: 44 cm (without tail)


50% Russian Blue, 10% Ragdoll Cat, 15% Norwegian Forest Cat, 20% Siberian Cat and 5% Munchkin Cat.


Mythpool's fur scent varies. But her natural smell is a distinct soft mud tang. It is very faint, so don't be surprised if it hasn't caught your nose.

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= [ Sassy ]

This varies in each situation, it either appears humorous or very annoying. However her sassiness has toned down through her aging, she still can be tough to work with during this period.

+ [ Energetic ]

Despite her growing old, Mythpool is very energetic. And trust me, when I say very, I mean very. She loves to pitch in, helping her clanmates with anything possible. She likes to multi-task, which means that gets her chores/jobs done quicker.

- [ Stubborn ]

Mythpool likes to get it her own way, even if she is wrong. (Is she ever wrong?) She will fight for what she believes in even if it means being that one annoying cat which you want to straggle and say "Please, stop."

= [ Dominant ]

Due to the fact that Mythpool was once leader, she has that natural instinct for her leadership and dominance around her clanmates. Of course, this trait can be a positive thing in some situations, being she doesn't worry, she just instructs what to do. But it does have negative sides as it can get quite irritating.

+ [ Goofy ]

Mythpool is a very humorous cat! Although sometimes it can result in childish behavior, she is a complete goof. She's either making a complete fool out of herself. However, this means in time of grief or sadness, she can easily cheer up her beloved ones.

- [ Sensitive ]

However, Mythpool is quite sensitive due to some major situations have had place in her life. Although her wounded scars have healed over time, it's best if they're not ever re-opened or else she will be corrupted again.

Thoughts About Her From Friends

*Note you can add your own opinion as long as you ask permission to do so and it is appropriate.

"A shecat who doesn't mind telling you off, that's Mitty." ~Reikon/Taylor

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"All I'm hearing is words, not seeing any actions.."

"Your own weakness is your own fear."

"You don't need it, you want it, which are completely different things, sweetie."

"No matter how tough the situation is, I'll always stand up tall, with my head high because I know I'll forget the non important memories when I grow up and realise how immature they were."

"It's time to look into the future, battle the next hurdle in your path to victory. Forget the past, learn to forgive and forget."

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*Note this is only a brief story of Mythpool's backstory.


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11/06/16 - Mythpool has re-joined BearClan after waiting to be accepted! Hopefully she will make some new friends. :D