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"I can do this, and I don't care what you say."

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Moonwing

Species: Felis Catus

Gender: She-Cat

Clan/Pack/Tribe: InfinityClan (former), FieldClan as a medicine cat

Mate: None

Father: Icepelt (deceased)

Mother: Poolstar (deceased)

Sisters: Rootkit (deceased), Wildthorn (deceased) Vinesong (deceased)

Brothers: Wolfclaw (deceased) Mousetooth (deceased) Foxtail (deceased)

Friends: None

Littermates:  Wildthorn Foxtail 

Theme Song: Human- Christina Perri


Elegant, graceful, and beautiful are just a few words to describe the old Moonwing. Her clean, shiny, silver pelt is always clean, and always used to grab the wandering eyes of toms. Notice the words "used to". Her long pelt is still silver, but being a rogue really has done its job. Her fur is never clean and and dirty with mud and\or  blood. Moonwing's formerly-flawless figure is covered in scars - including a missing ear - from border skirmishes, her own Clanmates, and natural occurrences. Her silver tabby pelt never shines anymore.


Moonwing is a gentle cat with a shy disposition. She hates and doesn't believe in fighting, and only does it to defend herself. She tries to talk through problems instead of use violence to solve them. All those scars and blood stains? They're from others' claws, who started fights with her (including a dog or two). She likes helping others, and enjoys healing. 


Moonwing was born to Poolstar and Icepelt, along with two loving littermates. Her life was pretty normal. Hunting, border patrols, helping out, etc. She was a normal Clan cat.

Until the attack.

Moonwing was sleeping at the time with her sister Wildthorn in the warriors den, when they were rudely awakened by sickening cracks, and a single eerie scream. They both immediately dashed outside to see a Pack of rogues standing over some kits' corpses- including their newborn sister, Rootkit. Moonwing woke up the rest of the Clan, and then attacked. The Clan fought a long, hard battle against the Pack, but most of InfinityClan either died or were taken prisoner. Moonwing, however, was lucky; she escaped... Unfortunately, her whole family was dead, and her ear was torn off in the battle. Over time, she learned how to survive on her own out of necessity. Then, she found her new home, her new beginning, in the form of FieldClan, where she is now a proud medicine cat.

Gallery Of EpicnessEdit