Intro Edit

As you walk through a dark, frighting forest you think you hear voices whispering " Go back." " Do you wish to be rejected like Starclan has done to this place?" " She will kill you!" Will turn back?

- if you do the end.

-If you don't than continue.

If you continued Edit

You ignore the voices and keep walking . Then you think you see a shadow. "

"Nizeleni kule ehlathini ? Kuyinto CUREDA ! " You feel the presents of a dark spirit.

you turn to see a brown she cat with glowing sea green eyes " who .. a-are you?"

She grabs you by the neck "Yimi ukuthi kuzingelwa umholi wakho . lowo obulala ithemba . I am Moonshadow!" She raise her paw, unleashes her claws and brings it down. Will you plead for mercy?

- If you do,She scratches ya face off X3

- if you don't she pause right before

"Wena stronged willed njengami ..." she puts you down. after a long pause and finally speaks English " lemme intruedus myself!"

Basic Edit

Name: Moonshadow

Clan:N/N for right now

Mother: Fallen leaves

Father: dust


sister: Sunpaw( she was killed by monster : ( )

Grandmother: Crushingstar

Grandpa: Unknown tom

Great grandma: Shadestar

Great great aunt:Featherstrar

Crushes : sand paw ( formerly ) golden paw ( So old )

Desript: Brown shecat with black paw,ears and tail. Which has a single brown stripe

Personality: she is tough disrespected and according to her, unworthy and corrupt.

fav emoji: