🌀Mongoosesoul's Past🌀Edit

Mongoosekit, just Mongoose at the time, and her sisters Mosskit and Goldenkit lived with their mother, a loner called Blaze.

The kits lived with her in the forest for five moons, until Blaze was killed on the thunderpath. 

Mongoose, Moss and Golden where adopted by Crescentclan and where renamed Mongoosekit, Mosskit and Goldenkit. They lived in the nursery.

Mongoosekit became an apprentice and was mentored by a tom named Kuro. She then was annoyed that Crescentclan was not being as serious as she expected them too be, so left Crescentclan. She went too Tropicalclan and realized they were much too strict, and decided too become a loner. She then heard of Morbidclan, and as an adult, became a loyal feline there.

She may have died either from sickness or a monster accident, as she vanished only a day or two ago.

🍀Basic Status🍀Edit


Name(s): Mongoosekit, Mongoosepaw, Mongoosesoul, possibly Mongoosestar

Active: Nope

Gender: she-cat

Clan(s): Crescentclan/Tropicalclan/Morbidclan

Rank: warrior

Age: 47 moons


Brindle colored overcoat, specks of orange, ringed tail, dark blue eyes, large back paws, tan belly.


Mother: Blaze(N/A, killed)/still pending

Father: Unknown

Sibling(s): Honeykit/Honey(furyoftheforgotten), Mosskit/Moss(jujubeelong)

Grandmother: N/A

Grandfather: N/A

Aunts/Uncles: N/A