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OC: Error DECEASED OCS: Mori ( Madara ) Gender: Female Species:  Belgian Malinois, Wolf, Kangal, german shepherd, blood hound, great dane, rottweiler, and husky. Pack: The Echoing Forest Rank: Alpha Mate: Loki :) Past Packs & Clans: The Echoing Forest, LionClan Pack Im Currently In: The Echoing Forest AJ Username: Jammer87tc4 CatsPawIsland: Jammer87tc4 Sirisola: Jammer87tc4 Wiki User: Wolfielegend5AJ

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Adopted Mother: Chaos ( Diseased )

Adopted Mother: Riot ( xRiotx )

Adopted Mother: Midnight ( Midna09 )

Adopted Father: Kohato ( Left ) Because he wanted to start roleplay )

Sisters: Torn, Kia ( Goldtail101 ) Core ( Immortalz )

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VV The Astrigent Deadly Mutant Horrendous Scarce Cerise Immense Beastly, Dappled Alabaster Achromatic Wolf Hybrid, Growled Low Deeply, She Leapt At The Canine, Clamping Her Jaws Onto Its Capitus Dimintious Maximus, She Digs Her Canines Into The Capitus Dimintious Maximus And She Dug Her Ephinephrings Into The Corpora Quadrigeminia, And Applies Pressure To The Capitous Dimintious Maximious Crushing The Skull Belligerently, On Impact Harshly Twisting And Causing Agony Throughout Her Spine Momentarily Incapacitate Her And Causing Her To Shriek With Agony, The Canine Slowly Ends With A Crushed Skull Vv   VV She Chuckled VV She Started To Feast On The Canine Vv

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She has a temper when she gets mad, she's mostly kind, she is very caring and loving canine, she doesn't want to see anyone sad, she'll give her best to cheer-up her pack mates. She is a very brave, loyal and smart. And she doesn't get scared of nothing and she will be there for anyone in need. She will die for her family, pack and friends, and she never gives up. She gets lonely whenever nobody's with her & sometimes when shes mad she takes her anger out on herself and starts attacking herself. And NEVER EVER say no to her.

Story about Misty Edit

She was born with no mother no family, she started out alone in the forest, like a rogue pup. Then she met Chaos the pack leader of The Echoing Forest, She joined it!

The Echoing Forest

Misty was in the pack now she was the new pup in the pack! Everyone loved her. A few weeks later Chaos adopted Misty, Misty was so happy that she had a mother now. Then Shara came along Shara is Chaos's niece. Shara was a vicious pup at first nobody would let anyone touch Shara she was hanging out with our pack alot, soon Shara got her paw injured and she didn't want any help but I gave her reasons and i convinced her to let me help her. A few days later Misty and Shara became best friends, and they would play all day outside. But one day... There was a war between TEF and TTAO ( The Tribe of Arcane Outlanders ) the leader Matahari killed Chaos in a war. Misty was shocked and she broke down after what she heard about Chaos. Soon after that Misty and some of the pack members of TEF joined HOO ( Hounds Of Odious )

Hounds Of Odious ( with detail XD )

Misty was still sad that her adopted mother Chaos died. But she had to move on. She found another family but its a blood killing family, her mother is riot. Riot adopted Misty and her sisters Kia & Torn. They were a protective and a blood killing family, then we met Ko our dad he is the most 100% killing beast ( XD ) he is funny and vicious, Then i met the rest of the pack our leader is Solitaire. A few weeks later Misty met Midnight & her son Loki, Misty & Loki became friends and they hung out and they've been silly too, As they were growing up, Misty & Loki became Novices. Loki & Misty liked each other. And as the moons went on our pack went into war with a clan, Solitaire had been injured and the Shaman wasn't there. So Misty and Tos'ca helped Solitaire with her bad wounds. ( a few days later ) Misty was in the forest she saw this pup and canine the pup was named Akari and the big canine was named Romi, Romi is in TH but the pup wasn't. Akari & Romi were sisters but they are both in a different pack. Akari came up to me and started being annoying so then Akari attacked me and i ended Akari. When I looked up to see if Romi was still there she wasn't. She had disapeared. Romi came to kill Misty for revenge but Misty fought back and she never gave up Misty went back to the pack and the drama had ended. Misty's mother left the pack because her pack did not respect her. Riot our mother was one of the powerful four and Solitaire replaced Riot from the powerful for i was one of the powerful for now. Riot has joined TH ( The Hollows ).

Loki & Misty had became mates <3

The Echoing Forest

Misty Has Now Left H.O.O AKA Hounds Of Odious, Because There Was To Much Drama She Couldn't Handle, She Has Changed Her OC Name Into Error And She Joined The Echoing Forest With Her Sister's Core & Kia, Now They Are All Alpha's Of The Echoing Forest.

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Romi ( In The Devil's Hounds )

friends & family dying


people saying no to me