Back-Story Edit

Maple was a wolf pup that was the daughter of the alpha. She was always first in being taken care of she even ate before the alpha because he thought his daughter deserved well. The first few months of Maple's life she was well disciplined but all that changed when she reached about 6 months of age. She started misbehaving, almost starting wars and brought unknown wolves into the pack camp without notifying her father, the alpha. Her father was a huge timber wolf that protected his pack with all his strength, he never let his pack down on any occasion. Maple wasn't very liked in the pack but other canines had to respect her or they got severely punished. Her father would always kinda pick fights with Maple but she stood up for herself. Maple had siblings but we will get to that later. Maple was actually her father's first pup, as well as her mother's. Maple was the oldest of her siblings and the most trouble-making. She was the one causing bad actions and she blamed her only brother. Maple's only really "friend" was her brother although she always got him into trouble. Maple would always be sneaking out without consulting her mother and always find a way to cause mischief. She would find anyway to get into trouble. Wether it had taking lone wolves into camp or destroying the whole pack. Before Maple could be promoted from rookie to a brute her father made the decision to kick his own daughter out of the pack. Maple doesn't want anything to do with her family now. She basically has no memory of them. She only remembers fights. Maple is mostly battle scarred but that's hidden under her thick pelt. A few years later Maple returned to her old pack and killed her whole family, brothers, sisters, mother. Even her father. Maple didn't have much of a life after until she met Rhea. Maple's new family is The Mars' Corrupt Zodiacs where she attends to is as a Leo/Gamma. She tries not to talk about her family or starting one. She feels forever alone but she has the little voices in her head that keep her company.

What Maple Believes In Edit

Maple doesn't really believe in anything but life. She doesn't want to have anything but a life or believe in anything but life.

Family Edit

Father: 💀☠💀

Mother: 💀☠💀

Siblings: 💀☠💀

Offspring: N/A

Mate: N/A

Traits Edit

  • Fierce
  • Loving
  • Rude
  • Unlikeable
  • Brutal
  • Loud
  • Selfish
  • Kind to those who deserve it

✹About Maple✹ Edit

Name: Maple

Nickname: None Really

Voice: French, Scottish and Canadian combined into one.

Theme Song: MCR-Welcome To The Black Parade