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Name: Maeva of the Fleet Crows

Species: Canis Lupus

Breed: Florida Black Wolf

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years and 2 months

Current Occupation: Chieftess of The Midnight Prowlers - Led by Topaz of the Darkened Ravens & me

Parents: Unsourced

Siblings: Mercy of the Swooping Eagles (Brother)

Kin: Unsourced

Initiates: All of The Midnight Prowlers, Witheredface (80illusions08), Ashenmist (irsi42754), many others...

Acquaintances: None yet

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Neith has a very obscure pelt, consisting of an inky-black, she appears to be a shadow, silently drifting by the brim of a gloomy forest. This captivating color is a very abundant shade, accompanied with vivid, dynamic, radiant eyes that possess a phenomenal, cadmium-yellow hue.


Neith is a very complex and hard to comprehend wolf. She only expresses her emotions and feelings to those who she approves as an initiate and she has a credence for, thus being a very independent entity. Though, do not diminish Neith of her skills and talents. She may be uncommunicative and reticent, but her undying sentiments lay ablaze within her heart and core. Neith can become ambitious, and be obliged to those ambitions. When push comes to shove, Neith will fight for her friends and family, even though she may not be as close. Malicious intentions are hidden beneath this indistinct being, so don't make her lash out.