Welcome to the flower girl's BIO, and enjoy your stay.

Identity and Appearance Edit

NAME..... Lotuspaw

Lotus: For the flower, and it being Rowanbreeze's favorite flower.

Paw: Standard suffix for an apprentice

POSSIBLE WARRIOR NAMES..... Lotusblossom, Lotusflower, Lotusheart, Lotusbreeze

PAST NAMES..... Lotuskit

NICKNAMES..... Flower (Rowanbreeze) Lotte (Tealpaw) Lulu (Echopaw)

GENDER..... Female

CLAN..... Rushingclan

RANK..... Kit Apprentice Warrior Elder

MENTOR..... Coalfur



BIRTH SEASON ..... New-leaf

AGE ..... 6 moons

BREED ..... 30% Maincoon, 15% Japanese Bobtail, 55% Havana Brown

SIZE ..... Lotuspaw was the runt of her litter, yet she is medium sized for a cat of her age, having such a frail appearance and being weak. She has slender legs that make her have a medium height and size.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION ..... A medium sized she-cat with pale-cream coating and dark brown patches along her lower back and tail, and legs as well as a white-silver underbelly.

SCARS ..... N/A


◊ - - Lotuspaw's body is medium sized and slender, but this comes with a price of being quite frail. Most of her visible bulk comes from her fur, and is the main reason for her somewhat rounded features- notably the face. As for abilities: she isn't that strong but makes up for it with being very fast.

FUR TEXTURE/FUR LENGTH/FUR COLOR ..... Lotuspaw is an interesting mixture of cream and brown, as she inherited the coloring mostly from her father. Her base coat is a cream-pale, and her brown patches cover her tail, torso, and right eye as well as on her legs.

Her fur seems soothing. The hairs covering her are relaxed and the length of her fur is quite short, making it very easy to groom. Her tail is long and fluffy, with hairs dripping down from it.

EYES ..... Her eyes are an friendly blue, inherited from her mother, and are quite round in shape rather than her mother's narrow eyes.

BODY TYPE ..... Medium sized and slender.

SPECIAL FEATURES ..... She has long slender legs and long fluffy tail.

SCENT ..... She smells much moss and leaves.


Personality Edit

Traits..... [ Kind ] [ TBA ] [ Shy ] [ Quiet ] [ Easily Frightened ] [ TBA ]


+ [ Kind ]

Lotuskit loves to help whenever she can, and hates to see others stressed or unhappy. Her emotions and words are always meant to be genuine, yet she does have a hard time explaining some things. She will go great lengths to help another and will do whatever it takes. She just wants everyone to be happy, and values kindness and honesty above anything else.

= [ Shy ]

Lotuskit is very shy around cats she doesn't know, and this makes her quite afraid of the outside world. She finds it very strange how some can be so brave, though don't get me wrong, she can be very brave at times, she just doesn't know how to meet others properly. This will most of the time to lead her to stutter in front of others and also make her tremble, but if you open up to her enough she will certainly do the same.

= [ Quiet ]

Lotuspaw over time has gradually become quiet, due to the fear of what happening to her siblings happening to anyone close to her. She fears that their deaths are her fault, so she doesn't want to get close to anyone, and it will be unknown for now if she will get over this trait.

- [ Easily Frightened ]

Oh man, the world is sometimes a big and scary place. Lotuskit, true to her shy nature, finds herself often scared of the things that go on within it. She will avoid conflicts if she can, apologizing even when it's not her fault just to do so. She easily finds herself frightened of anything from storms, to loud noises, to other cats when she thinks they are being mean or looking at her funny. When feeling this way she tends to tuck herself into small spaces... all to often this ends up with her being unable to get out of said places and needing help. However, this does not mean she can't be brave, for her bravery is done even in the moments of being afraid - if someone needs her she's there. That tends to be the only thing that pushes her through her fear other than hiding in a small space and taking deep breaths. One or the other seems to work for her now, and since she's a kit it doesn't seem to hinder her life all that much, since she as much as she acts like she has jobs to do.... she really doesn't. Ah, the carefree life of a kitten who doesn't know just how carefree her life is. 

Family Edit

◇ Living | ◆ Deceased | ◈ Whereabouts Unknown

MOTHER ..... ◇Rowanbreeze

FATHER ..... ◈Hazestar

SIBLINGS ..... ◆Hawkpaw(F) ◆Tealpaw(F)

AUNTS ..... ◇Eclipsestar


ATTRACTION TO..... Echokit

CRUSHES..... Echokit


EX..... N/A

MATE..... N/A

KITS..... N/A

ORIENTATION ..... Straight



  • + Patient
  • + Honest
  • + Brave


  • - Unfaithful
  • - Dishonest
  • - Indecisive


Lotus X Echo (Shipped by Eclipsestar)


Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

History Edit

Chapter 01: Kit-life

Lotuskit was the first-born kit to Rowanbreeze and Hazestar in early new-leaf along with Hawkkit and Tealkit, and man she was a fragile child. During the first few days of her life, most cats knew that she would be a shy kit, as it took her a full moon before traveling out of the nursery. Her siblings Hawkkit and Tealkit would often pressure her into doing things, such as going to strangers and talking to them, but it was all in good fortune as they just tried to cure her of her shyness.

Lotuskit did make a friend other than her siblings, and it was a tom kit that was close to her age named Echokit. Echokit was the son of Eaglefeather and Bramblefur, and the two kits became friends quite quickly, even leading Echokit to coach Lotuskit on how to approach others and talk to them.

Chapter 02: Apprentice-hood

Lotuspaw was assigned to be the apprentice of the deputy Coalfur.


Miscellaneous Edit

Kithood Bucket List: Completed Edit

Make 2 Friends

Have A Best Friend

Smell Flower's

Have A Role-Model Sister

Hug A Stranger's Tail

Apprenticehood Bucket List: Incomplete Edit

Become Stronger

Develop A Crush

Have One More Friend

Go To A Flower Field

Successfully Hunt A Bird

Tactics Edit

Can change at any time as Lotus ages

 Technical Skill: Edit


Battle - 1/10

Hunting - 2/10

Swimming - 1/10

Tracking - 1/10

Stealth/Sneaking - 1/10

Climbing - 1/10

Physical Skill: Edit


Strength - 0/10

Speed - 1/10

Endurance - 1/10

Accuracy - 0/10

Physical Attributes: Edit


Bulk - 1/10

Weight - 1/10

Height - 1/10

Flexibility - 4/10

Balance - 0/10

Agility - 1/10

Reflexes - 3/10

Mental Skill: Edit


Leadership Ability - 1/10

Battle Tactics/Strategy - 1/10

Observation - 3/10

Intelligence - 2/10

Cunning - 1/10

Focus - 3/10

Mental Strength - 1/10

Social Ability - 1/10

Mentoring Ability - 0/10

Warrior Experience - 0/10

Motherly Instinct - 10/10

Hunting Attributes: Edit


River Prey - 0/10

Woodland Prey - 0/10

Flying Prey - 0/10

Marshland Prey - 0/10

Mountain Prey - 0/10

Trivia Edit




The Moon





Feather Crowns



Dead Greenery






Cramped Areas

Getting Up Early






Losing Family

Getting Lost


Being hated


Location: Apprentice Den

Season: N/A

Food: Birds

Object: Bird Feathers

Smell: Trees

Feeling: Having A Nice Nest

Activity: Cuddling

Cat: Rowanbreeze, Tealpaw, Hawkpaw, Echopaw

Self-Asset: Her pelt


Location: Outside

Season: N/A

Food: Mice

Object: Rocks

Smell: Mud

Feeling: Needles

Activity: Work

Cat: N/A

Self-Asset: Short Claws

Relationships Edit

NOTE: Lotus's feelings are the OC's and not mine, and each relation is from A-Z, no favorite's are taking place here.

Possible Relations:

Platonic/Familial Love





Good friend 

Best friend


Romantic Love 






Irritated/Annoyed by

Jealous of




Rushingclan Edit

"Like. . .!"

"Rushingclan is my home, they have protected me and have helped me grow, what else could I hope for?"


Eaglefeather [ Mother Figure ] - Platonic/Respect


"Eaglefeather is really nice to me, s-she takes care of me when Rowanbreeze doesn't have time to and she is really soft n' fluffy!"


Echopaw [ Best Friend/Crush ] - Admire/Best Friend/Crush


"E-Echokit is my first friend in the clan. . ., he is nice and helps me with my shyness, and is quite. . . cool!"

"Echopaw is a really cool friend of mine, and he doesn't mind much of how shy I am. . . and he is a bit. . . handsome?"


Hawkpaw [ Sister ] - Family/Platonic/Admire/Best Friend


"H-Hawkkit is a really nice sister. . . she know's I am shy and is really nice to me most of the time, and s-she is very cuddly!"

"I really love that she became an apprentice with me! S-She said she would help me a lot. . . I really trust Hawkpaw!"


Hazestar [ Father ] - Family/Unsure




Rowanbreeze [ Mother ] - Family/Platonic/Respect/Admire


"She is my mother, and even though she is quite tough and stuff, I really enjoy her. She is really fluffy and I enjoy resting in her fur!"

"Mom has been there for me throughout my kit-hood, I really like having her as a mom and she could never be replaced!"


Tealpaw [ Sister/Role-Model ] - Family/Platonic/Admire/Best Friend


"T-Tealkit is. . . very, well, stubborn! B-But, she does help me a lot. . . and is trying to help me not be as shy. . . she is my role-model!"

"Tealpaw is still a sibling I really look up to. . . I like her being my sibling. . . she is so fun with me and Hawkpaw!"


"Don't take anything from me. . ."

Lotuspaw Updates Edit



MY BABY IS BORN! Lotuskit will now start being able to roleplay.


I have now created her a RP plot article for RushingClan and added plots on it, if you want to know a good RP with her check here: Lotuskit RP Plot(s)


Updated relationships!


Updated relationships with some characters and nicknames~! As well as her bucket-list has been completed for her kit-hood!


MY BABY IS NOW AN APPRENTICE WOO~! I have updated relationships, history and she has gained a new personality trait!


Coalfur has been assigned to be Lotuspaw's mentor! Woo for Lotuspaw getting such a fab mentor~!