"I am a wolf.

It is in my nature to be kind, gentle and loving, but know this:

when it comes to matters of protecting my friends, family, and my heart,

do not trifle with me. For, I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know."

Basic Information: Edit

Name: Loki

Crush: Kin <3

Nickname(s): Lokibb, Loki bean, Kiki..? (idek ask tala), Lkoi (She let me B))

Loki Adult

Username: Almond12345

Wikia Username: Meadowflightforever

Species: Grey wolf (Canis Lupus)

Sex: Female

Age: 6 moons

Birth Date: Febuary 23rd

Pack/Clan: Pack of Shadowed Paws

Position: Trainee

Past Packs/Clans: MistClan

Loki Pup 2

Spirit: Water Wolf

Sin: Wrath/Greed

Theme Song: N/A

Relations Edit

Blood Mother: Stella (F/Alive/Location unknown)

Law Mother: Nyota (F/Alive/Location Known)

Blood Father: Dusk (M/Alive/Location known)


Melody (F/Alive/Location Known) -Blood Sister-

Falcon (M/Unknown/Location unknown)- Step Brother-

Komorebi (M/Alive/Location unKnown) -Step Brother-

Appearance Edit

Height: 3 feet, 4 inches

Length: 2 feet, 4 inches

Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Loki as a pup
  • Loki as a trainee
  • Loki as fully grown

Pelt: Main fur colour is a really light creamy grey, has a lighter underbelly, brown socks on her legs followed by toes the colour of her underbelly. she has a patch on her tail highlighted and brown stripes on her nose. Her ears are also brown.

Coat texture/ Length: Soft, sleek fur. She has more fluff on her chest and her tail. Medium length fur.

Eyes: She has her mother's eyes. They are a dark pine green with specks of lighter meadow green at the edges.

Scars: A long, thin scar along her tail, a deep short one on her right shoulder, and a nick in her left ear (these were caused by a rouge attacking her viciously when she was a pup).

Voice: A high pitched excited bark that can turn into a deep and thunderous growl when she is angry or upset in any way.

Extra: She has a slight flop in her right ear, and her tail and chest has an extra amount of fluffyness.

Personality Edit

Incredibly Happy: Loki is pretty much the happiest wolf pup in the world and is constantly smiling. She is always excited about an event or festival coming up, but she can easily flip over to the dark side...

Tough: Loki definitely has her happy side ^^ But she can also be very um.. lets say.. Vicious? no.. lets try Tough.When you get her angry, Loki puts her monster mask on. she starts snarling and her cute and cuddly outlook disappears. But don't worry, when you see Loki like this, i can reassure you her bark is much worse that her bite. If she even has a bite at all. Loki aims to scare you, not to hurt you, even though it seems the opposite, Loki couldn't dream of hurting anyone. ever. So, your safe. (she does love to see other people fight though)

Kindness: Loki loves helping in any way she can. If you need some help, make sure to check in with Loki! (unless she hates you, then I would encourage staying away from her)

Stupid: Yes, Loki has her kindness, toughness, and happiness, but she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Keep this in mind when you give her instructions.

Strengths & Flaws Edit

Strengths: Edit

Courage: Loki never gives up on a challenge and is brave when needed.

Happiness: Loki has an extreme amount of happiness which means almost no insult can ever put her down

Kindness: Loki is kind, and is always willing to lend a helping hand (or in her case, paw).

Gentle: Loki has her "Bad Side" ^^ But she is actually very gentle. she is always ready to give a hug to someone sad, or turn someone's frown upside down!

Flaws: Edit

Stupidity: (see: Personality, Stupid) Loki has never been the smartest wolf and never will. Do not take this as a major flaw though! She certainly has many meaningful strengths.

Talkative: If you don't know Loki, you will probably mistake her for some perfect little brat with absolutely no flaws that everyone loves. Not the actual case. Yes, she is Kind, Happy, and she has Courage, but she can also be very annoying. She can talk herself inside out. Be careful not to start up a topic that you're absolutely thrilled about, because if you're with her and end up talking about something you don't like, change the topic. Loki will never stop taking about it.

Likes & Dislikes Edit

Likes: Edit

-Playing and talking with friends and family members

-Sunny Days




-Making friends

Loki Pup 1





Dislikes: Edit

-Being ignored

-Rainy Days


-Any living creature but wolves (the exception being some cats and prey)

Habits Edit

-Yelling because of over-excitment

-Smiling too much

-bouncing instead of walking

Fears Edit


-Being abandoned and ignored

Trivia: Edit

-Before Loki was actually registered, she was supposed to be a boy!

(more Trivia soon to come)

Friends (and family)! <3 Edit

Best Friend c: : Edit

-Kin [Angel1597] (Trust Rate: 98. 8%)

Amazing Friends and Family: Edit

-Ryka [Seal47723] (Trust Rate: 98.9%)

-Sunaki [Gleamtheshinyumberon] (Trust Rate: 92.6%)

-Xaal [Xxsparrowfeather1xX] (Trust Rate: 86.7%)

-Sphinx [Izax] (Trust Rate: 73.9%)

-Stella [CanadainPankakez] (Trust Rate: 82.9%)

-Tala [littlehowler120] (Trust Rate: 70.2%)

-Finch [Windeddreams] (Trust Rate: 56.3%)

-Cian [Wolfcool135] (Trust Rate: 57.6%)

-Luna [leopard75131] (Trust Rate: 52.8%)

-Melody [05rain] (Trust Rate: 67.2%)

-Genevieve [Incanitycy2] (Trust Rate: 75.7%)

-Dusk [RebelPerfection] (Trust Rate: 89.6%)

-Eclipse [Sunheart1010] (Trust Rate: 92.5%)

Acquaintances Edit

-Nyota [123Woof] (Trust Rate: 49.5%)

Frenemies/Enemies Edit

None :DD

More to be added soon!!

Thank You's Edit

Thank You To: Ryka Edit

Thank you Ryka for always being there for me when others weren't on, listening to me while I vent for endless minutes, and just being a great friend. I am thankful that you were there for me, and you welcomed me with open arms when I first joined the shadowed paws. I am very grateful that I was born in the time era of you and the SP. So thank you Ryka, for everything.

Le Fan Art :3 Edit

I would just like to give a big thanks to everyone who made me fan art! You are all amazing artists!