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Messed up on the brown coloring thing XD

Name: Loco

Breed: Doberman

Age: 25 ( in dog years )

Job: Subordinate

Crush/Mate: Nightmare { Crush }

Theme Songs:

Game On: Descibes how he can be very dangerous at times

I could be your hero Baby: Chica, he will protect his loved ones at all costs

Church - By T Pain : He is real tough. Mess with him you could end up getting a few scars Señor.

Hey Brother: He may be smaller than other dobermans, but this dog will protect you for as long as he lives.

Sad Song;

Family Edit

Mate: N/A

Father: Argentino

Mother: Utah

Brothers: Dakota, Mexico

Sister: Elna

Nieces: Strike, Canada

Nephews: Gabe

Pups; N/A

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Loco is a charming male doberman. He has a black pelt, 2 brownnpatches on his chest that seem to look like halves of a heart and brown socks. He also has a brown muzzle, cropped ears, and charcoal colored eyes.

BackStory Edit

When Loco and his siblinhs were born in Mexico, they had a good life... until one day they were dog-napped! The officers managed to rescue his siblings but Loco got himself out. The poor dog raomed the streets as a stray, but life decided to gice him one of the best things to ever happen in his life. A beautiful dog named Nightmare rescued him from Snarl as they were on a patrol. Loco took a liking to her and soon started to fall deeply in love.

Friends and Enemies Edit

Friends Edit

- Nightmare

- Toxic

- Tag

- Azote El Asesino

Enemies Edit

- El Diablo

- Assasin/Berlington