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He is actually Ledgepaw, he prefers to be called Ledge.

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Ledge has white paws, and one white leg. His chin, chest, bottom half of tail, and underbelly are white, too.

He has a grey and black raccoon tail, with darker grey spots running along his back.

His forehead has a dark grey spot on his right ear, and he has stripes running down his forehead. His eyes are deep, and crisp green. 

In game, he has a green skull, a green spike, and green elf armor, but that is just looks. He wears nothing.

Personality Edit

Ledge is normally timid, and shy. He prefers to stay back, and have one person to talk to. Sometimes, he will just sit against a tree and watch the Clan, but on good days he is busy talking with kits.

Ledge is a bit hyper, when he wants to be. He would never be the best in battle, but he is capable of fighting.

He has a short tail, but it isn't stubby. He is lithe and quick on his paws.

He talks a lot like Brook from the books, but he is in no way related to her.

Strengths Edit

Since his legs are thin, he can move gracefully, and run and jump far.

He can blend into rocks easily, and he can be stealth and quiet.

Weaknesses Edit

He does not like to fight. If he were to choose to hunt or fight, he'd say that "isn't it the same?" or "I'm harming both ways." Although he will hunt, he does not like to fight.

His eyes are slightly blurred, just blending dark colors in his eyes.

Backstory Edit

From what he knows, his father was indeed a tribe cat. His mother, Cliff, returned to being a warrior. Although when he stares at things, he says he is doing nothing.

Kit hood Edit

He spent most of it alone. He was quiet for kits. Usually they would be out and about causing trouble, but he preferred to sit in his mother's nest, and watch the ground like ants were there. He barely talked to the queens.

Apprenticeship Edit

He was a normal apprentice, until he smelled the herbs of the medicine cat den. He immediately knew he wanted to be a medicine cat, so he told Ryepaw and Windcloud. He was soon accepted as a medicine cat apprentice to Lionflight, then later quitting. He spends his days as an unofficial apprentice, helping heal cats.

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Old Pine - Ben Howard

Towards The Sun - Rihanna

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