I don't know where I belong because of my rogue status, but I do know who I'm loyal to; my family and friends.


Name: Leala

Username: lpswolf07

Status: Active
Bengal Cat

Gender: She-Cat

Breed: Bengal Cat

Occupation: Rogue

Top Speed: 30 MPH

Normal Running Speed: 20-25 MPH

Top Jump: 7-8 Feet

Normal Jump: 5-6 Feet

Family Edit

Mother: Savannah

Father: Unknown, Living In A Pack

Sister: Isa

Friends: Aila, Fade, Hanako

Mate: Fallen

Kits: None

Aj Edit

Aila's Animal Jam- xxenigmaticxx

Fade's Animal Jam- xxfadexx

Isa's Animal Jam- Snowytheseal35

Hanako's Animal Jam- cutelittlecookie2005

Fallen's Animal Jam- dfruitloop

Appearance Edit

Cute Bengal
Leala is a sleek and lithe, beautiful she-cat with a beige underbelly. Her overcoat is a light ecru with dark brown Bengal spots. She possess bright green eyes, a long, slightly fluffy tail, and sharp claws. She has lethal fangs that have faded crimson stains on them.

Personality Edit

Aggressive- Due to her rogue status, she can be slightly aggressive towards anyone really, except for her friends. She can sometimes get over-protective and think that any stranger coming near her or her friends/family is threatening.

Caring- Although she is a rogue, she is quite caring towards the ones she loves. (Family, friends). It's sometimes hard to see her act kind, but her friends know how to bring it out of her.

Mysterious- She often might do weird or odd things, but there's normally a reason to it. She isn't really classified as the most weird feline, but occasionally she may be mysterious.

Sneaky- She sometimes has fun sneaking up on her friends, or anyone, because she knows how to be light on her paws, and to hide well.

Swift- She's a swift feline that can almost catch up with her friends Aila and Fade (They're both dobermans) in a race, but not normally.

Short-Tempered- She can sometimes be angered easily, and fierce. She also is defensive for herself, and her friends. She may be impatient in certain occasions.

Brave- She can sometimes be classified as a dare-devil, but she knows when enough is enough. She is brave in battle, too.

Strengths Edit

-Tree Climbing

-Giving Advice


-Swimming (Although she doesn't prefer to do it all the time)


Neutral Skills Edit




Fears Edit

-Being abandoned by her friends

-Fighting in a battle while out-numbered