"You may be correct or you may be incorrect, no matter what you are, it's how long you guess is what wastes time--wasting your time to become more agile, to learn more. If you do not learn, you will never become successful."

General InformationEdit

*Name* Lassen

*Gender* Male

*Breed* Mountain Lion (Puma Concolor)

*Current Group* N/A

*Occupation* Rouge

*Mate* None

*Weight* 107 Pounds

*Speed* 47 mph

*Height* 2' 4''

*Age* 17 Moons

*Friends* Kasumi, Suiko, Oshima, Nereza, Ventus

*Status* Inactive

*Theme Songs*

*Accent* Southern

Appearance Edit

Lassen is a standard sized Puma, lacking scars and other wounds. His ears are kinked back and laconic but his coating is a glowing tan. His eye color is a musty yellow and he has tufts of bright orange between his ears, He has dark markings by his eyes and a lining coating his ears and wraps around his maw. The male's whiskers are long and curve towards the bottom of his chin and he withholds a light grey tooth-encrusted collar of the prey he had killed.

Personality Edit

Lassen is an average cowboy (cow-cat...I guess...) and surely he'd be willing to do what's needed to be done right the first time. He may lack strength and size but he would take an opponent out with the skill and agility he has with no doubt. He's friendly often but would follow orders obediently, even if it meant to kill someone. He has that look of relief in his eyes but he'll knock you out in a flash. He respects his peers and is willing to do anything at anytime, even if it was the stupidest task in the world.

Backstory Edit

  • Lassen
  • Human Form of Lassen
  • Lassen
  • Lassen by Suiko
Lassen traveled so much to be where he is now, and he would never regret anything of his past...

Lassen, born in the dry, dry desert, cacti sweeping across the lands. His father and mother towered over him as he blinked his mustard-colored eyes. He had dreamed of being a strong-bodied leader but found, only to be just slightly disappointed, to lack in strength and size but specialize in agility. He went on his first mentor trip with his father, only to encounter with quite some frightening canines. "Who are you and what do you want?" the first canine spat, glaring into Lassen's father's warm-hearted eyes. His father inspected the three canines, furthermore replied with a slight hiss, "I am training my son, and I wouldn't like you to bother us." The three canines paused for what felt like moons and burst into a judgmental cackle. They returned serious, only to lunge towards Lassen's father and Lassen dashed--dashed far away from his father and the canines...only to never see them again...

Quite some moons later, he lived his life, terribly trying to forget he was ever born. Day after day, his mind, trained itself to get back--get back to the memory of his past until he was slammed down with a sharp pain. The pain, so sharp, stars danced before his eyes before a pitch black arose him. The male blinked his musty yellow eyes now half-awaken only to here and somewhat see tow, tall figures arguing about some problem. Lassen perked his ears hearing just a couple sentences--his ears, ringing of a loud bell. "But it's wounded! We can't accept it into the zoo!" one figure protested, scowling towards the other. "Nah, the kitty will be fine," He nodded and strutted towards Lassen, "Right kitty cat?" Lassen blinked again, now tracking his age--14 moons.

Lassen, crammed in a tight space put his paws against the edges of the wood and looked through a small opening. He peered out, seeing he was on the back of a human automobile. The male worried--worried so much that he would be--dead. He pressed hard against the box until the cube jammed into the ground and shards of wood flew everywhere. Lassen inspected the wood and looked back at the automobile, revealing that it was going to take him across the ocean. He roamed through the unfamiliar setting, the forest--so vast and filled with luscious treetops.

"Why look here, a puma!" a glowing, bright colored male waltzed up. "Isn't that a cougar?" another female, a lynx trotted up besides the first one. A third feline purred, a cheetah, "But it's in the forest? Shouldn't be in the desert?" Lassen stood there and watched the different felines argue with each other and finally answered them, "They're all the same animal, and yes, I should be in the desert." A forth feline, a dark, shade colored jaguar, padded up along the three others. The four of them just glared at Lassen, making him tense up and feel uncomfortable. The bright-colored tiger leaned over and whispered towards the others and the lynx stepped forward. "So?" She questioned, "Introduce yourself." Lassen slightly shuffled his paws and a tufts of orange blew in front of his eye as he introduced himself to a brand new group of friends--Oshima, Suiko, Kasumi, Ventus and Nereza.