Basic Edit

Name- Kuro

Gender- She-kit

Age- Five Moons

Appearance/Pelt- Mostly black with a few dark gray spots/stripes and a white muzzle and chest. Yellow eyes.

Personality- Kuro is often very serious. She does have a playful side, which other cats will rarely see. She is most often found lost in thought, thinking about her past.

Species- Felis Catus

Breed- American Shorthair, Bombay Cat, Mix

Clan: Thunderclan (Madjasterxyz)

Rank: Kit

Family Tree Edit


Grandmother- Mothhaze (deceased, killed by creencough), former member of Thunderclan.

Grandfather- Kaen (deceased, died of age), loner.

[other two unknown]


Mother- Sirrah (deceased, killed by Raio), Formally a kittypet.

Father- Raio (unknown if dead or alive), Loner


Aunt- Suji (unknown if dead or alive), Loner

Uncle- Blaze (deceased, killed by badger), Loner


Brother- Kotu (deceased, killed by Suji and Raio), Loner

Sister- Sukoshi (Unknown if dead or alive), Loner

Backstory Edit

I'm not going to write a full out chapter book here, so I'll just give a summary.

Kuro previously lived with her parents and siblings. Let's just say, after three moons, Raio and Sirrah started getting farther and farther apart. And so it turned out, Raio and Suji ended up plotting to kill Sirrah, Sukoshi, Kuto and Kuro. Kuro never saw what happened to Sirrah, but knew she was dead. Terrified, she ran off to find her siblings to escape her father and aunt. But before she could get to Kotu, Suji had already killed him. She never saw or heard of Sukoshi afterwards, and guessed that she had been killed as well.

Kuro fled from her former home, hoping that she would not end up with the same fate as her mother and siblings.