Sky - Kurai

₪ Kurai ₪

When there is anger, there is always pain underneath.

Name: Kurai

Species: Panthera Pardus 

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual 

Group: Kurai is currently an Anax of the Pack of Faded Memories.

Theme Song: Locked Away by Adam Levine

₪ Kurai's Relations ₪ Edit

Mate: Suraisa

Former Mates: Scintelle, Lilac, Abyss, Kovira.

Mother: ―

Father: ―

Siblings: Shoki, Krypt.

Offspring: ―

Nieces: ―

Nephews: ―

Cousins: Kashra

Grandmothers: Nixen

Grandfathers: ―

Friends: Kashra, Suraisa, Zorian, Kasai, Jasmine . . .

₪ Kurai's Appearance ₪Edit

An illusion of the mist. Kurai is a massive feline, especially since he is derived from the panther species. He has a caliginous, lavender-shaded coat, etched in inky-black streaks along his robust frame. Kurai's cold eyes are a hue of wintry blue. This large tom bears a collar, skewered with the ivory-hued claws and fangs, which protrude from the purple fabric.

₪ Kurai's Personality ₪Edit

Kurai can be described as a bitter, cold-hearted beast who bears the burden of no feeling. But once you break through his stone-like exterior, Kurai is one of the most caring felines you will ever meet. He is fiercely over-protective of those he love. This daunting tom is also known for his quick-lighted temper, which can explode into a fiery rage. 

₪ Kurai's Flaws And Strengths ₪Edit

• Kurai is actually very picky and has OCD, much like his cousin, Kashra. He expects the best from everyone, including himself.

• This large feline is quite flirtatious; Kurai will even flirt with an enemy. He is cunning, mischievous, and sly; Kurai loves to entertain himself by pulling tricks on others.

• Kurai is well-built and robust, as well as having very advanced combat skills, which makes this intimidating tom a superb fighter.