Name: Kov

Age: 19 moons

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Brother(s): Rin

Sister(s): Unknown

Mate(s): None

Kit(s): None

Theme Song(s): Crossfire and Control

Type: Heart-breaker

Appearance: A ginger she-cat with light brown-tan spots scattered on her pelt with a white underbelly. She has white on the tip of her tail, muzzle, eyes and paws.She is slender and skinny with a powerful leap in her. She has dull green-brown eyes.

Sin: Fear

Personality: She is imitating when she is annoyed and/or angry in a battle or around others. She is nice and kind but hostile at first. She is funny and helpful when she gets to know someone else better, she has a temper and can easily snap.

God: Sky of Whispering Spirits

Role-play Ex.


The ginger feminie ascended up onto a large bolder that sat in the middle of a clearing. Her scathers scarification against the rocks mossy coat. A large bellow erupted from her before she ascended off the bolder towards some bushes. She instinctively lunged forward hearing moving within the outside of the bushes, her scathers unsheathe and petrified screech came from the rabbit she had tackled. Her scathers gouged into the rabbits lumbar dorsal vertebrae, she quickly gouged her dentals into the rabbits occiptingealis femaralius and ended it quickly.


---- coming soon ----