The backstory of Kika  ( Under Construction ) Edit

You walk into a damp, cold chilling forest.  You feel the presence of other creatures lurking in the forest, and you shiver slightly. Your leader, looked down on you, and told you to watch out for other creatures and to be a guard. As she told you, you feel a sense of pride, but also a mixture of cold-blooded fear and dread. On the shift, you got easily bored, so you decided to take a walk. The forest around you got darker as you walked, and you immediately stopped in your tracks. It looked as if you were in hell, and you caterwauled hoping someone, could hear your deafening cries. You jump as you hear voluminous footsteps coming closer from behind you. You didn't want to turn around, but you did anyway. You stared as a brawny black panthera with light blue eyes stares at you. " Well, what do we have here? " She snickered. She oscillated her thick brawny tail belligerently. I,I'm sorry if I trespassed,... " The Stalwart black panthera broke into straight out laughter. " You think this is my territory? " She snickered more this time. You try to back away, and she stops laughing. " Don't try to escape young one. " Suddenly her eyes went black and she bellowed, " Once you meet me in hell, the gates of insanity and cruel laughter have opened. "  


           GeneralInformation              About Kika                                           Averages of skills:Edit

                               Swimming: 29% 

                                Climbing: 78% 

                                Running: 85% 

                           Other talents: 43% 

                              General Info:     Edit

                       Username: Jazz1786 

     Orientation: Straight ( Could be bisexual ) 

                 Clan/Pack: The Immorality 

                     Close Relationships:                      Edit

    Whisper  ( thefireyclaw) 70% trust  

  Kota ( Kotathewaffle ) 100% trust  

        Ebony( rose623 ) 94% trust  

 Yurei ( rainbowloveheart ) 97% trust  

       Claw ( Clawpelt ) 98% trust  

    Bruno ( xxbumble ) 100% trust  

Amandus ( XxUnforgetablegrits ) 76% trust 

  Kichi: ( Scarletfox78 ) 200% trust  

         Kage ( hifi24 ) 100% trust  

     Java ( 123tooth26 ) 99% trust  

     Salai ( Magnetify ) 97% trust  

        Zara ( xxjazzy ) 101% trust  

        Kira ( Decimal ) 64% trust  

        Aurora ( Breezywind ) 100% trust  

                 Kika's Family Tree     Edit

  Mother: ( unknown ) 

  Father: ( unknown ) 

Sister: Java ( 123tooth26 ) 

Brother: Bruno ( xxbumble )  

Brothers In Law: N/A  

Sisters In Law: Sin ( xxjazzy )  

       Mate: Kage ( hifi24 )<tr align="center"></tr><tr align="center"></tr> c8 

      Cubs: None 

Shoutouts to close friends: 

1. Kage, my friend, and my mate (3! You are amazing, and you have a great personality. I love you for who you are, and you are the love of my life (3!  

2. Bruno, my brother, my friend, my everything. Not only are you the best brother i've had, but you are a amazing leader and role model! I love you bro! ( Bruno's user: xxbumble ) 

3. Yurei and Ebony, you two are the bestest friends I could ever wish for. You care for me, and you are always there for me. Thank you guys! ( Ebony's user: rose623 ) ( Yurei's user: rainbowloveheart ) 

4. Kota: Kota is the bestest person I have ever met. She understands me so well, and... we're like sisters. I don't know what I would do without her. I love you Kota! ( Kota's user: angelsoflight20 ) 

5. Claw, thank you so much for being my friend. Even in my hard times, we both really have a connection, as though we understand each other. Thanks so much for being my friend, Claw. 

6. This goes out to an old friend of mine. This might be long. 

Earthz: She was a very old friend of mine, and she was the absolute best person and role model. I have been with her thick and thin, and she still never seemed to forget me. I was lucky to be in her packs, and I hope we can still be friends. ( Earthz user: Acidify )  

7. Kichi: Kichi, my cousin, my friend, you're so awesome. You always defend me when I'm in trouble, and you always have my back. Thank you cousin Kichi, for being my bestest friend!  

8. Sin, you are the absolute most outstanding friend. You care for me, you keep my secrets, and I am so glad I met you. I am so grateful to have a friend like you c8!