I see things through different eyes. I see a bigger picture when others see grey skies. Though many can't conceive it - I stand... facing the wind. My bravery not from fighting, but from my strength within - I am a warrior.

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{Name} Kasumi (A Japanese name meaning mist)

{Gender} Female

{Sexuality} Straight

{Species} Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

{Age} 18 moons
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  • Kasumi
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  • Kasumi Running
  • Kasumi on AJ
  • Anime Form, Credit To Kuyukii @DeviantART
  • Kasumi by CenturiesChange (Echoingsoul/Suiko)

{Nicknames} Kasi, Kassy, Kasu

{Family} Whereabouts Unknown

{Friends} Nereza, Suiko, Ventus, Lassen

{Mate} None

{Crush} What makes you think I'd tell you?

{Maximum Speed} 74.56 mph

{Height} 30 in.

{Accent} Kasumi has an American accent, and has a quiet, but bright voice.


Kasumi is an lithe structured, prepossessed Cheetah. Her velutinous coat is dappled and flecked in small, variously sized stygian black spots. Her mesmeric, jocular eyes are a pale canary color, wtih almost teardrop-like picious black lines running down her snout and curling around her maw. A vivid green leaf is gnarled in the fur behind her left ear. Her face is thin and angular, and usually has a vivacious expression.


Kasumi is very ecstatic and as bright as the sun. She is young and playful, and faithful to her companions. She loves to explore, and has a mind as swift and cunning as her.  Kasumi is compassionate, and though young motherly. She has been known to get protective when her friends are threatened, or betrayed, and snappy when pressured.  Otherwise, she's a great Cheetah to have around. Her coordination and speed makes her a lethal opponent and exellent hunter.

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