I keep it all inside because I'd rather have the pain destroy me...not everyone else . . .

Name: Kashra​

» Kashra »

Nicknames: Kash, Kashie, Kashew, Cashew, or Cash.

Species: Canis Lupus Floridanus

Sex: Female​

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Group: She currently leads The Hunters of Artemis.

Past Inhabitants: Anarchic Nation, The Encrypted, EclipseClan, Pack of Moon Phases, Pack of Faded Memories... 

Themesong:​ What Now by Rihanna

« Kashra's Relations «Edit

Mate: ―

Former Mates: Kovu, Kage, Zakoi, Shade, Tetsu . . .

Mother: ―

Father: ―

Siblings: ―

Offspring: ―

Nieces: Breeze, Tryxt

Nephews: Tetris, Amos

Cousins: Kurai

Grandmothers: Nixen, Calignosity

Grandfathers: Afterlife

Friends: Korembi, Cora, Nexus, Rahal, Xylonx, Kazure, Kasai, Ryoken, Kitsune, Koi, Sakura, Aki, Reikon . . .

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« Kashra's Appearance «Edit

A silhouette in the twilight. A figure of imagination. A shadow against the sunset. She has a lurid, onyx-hued coat, inked in obsidian markings along her flank. Her underbelly is an unusual shade of crimson. Kashra's eyes are frosty blue, cold and wintry, capable of narrowing into snake-like slits filled with thought. She bears a collar, adorned with glass shards protruding from the red fabric.

​« Kashra's Personality «Edit

Mysterious. Merely a creation of thought. Kashra is a determined, ambitious canine who won't let anyone stop her from reaching her goal. A defiant of gravity. Being quiet and secretive, or cryptic even, she is often underestimated and taken for granted. She shields all of her feelings inside herself, though usually she needs a shoulder to cry on. She has temperament problems, meaning that her rage explodes in fiery blasts, quite often. Kashra is very elusive and sly, capable of backstabbing and betraying. But once you get to know her, you will have a loyal friend who will be there for you until the end.

« Kashra's Background «Edit

Kashra's past is unknown. Being cryptic and ambiguous, no one knows for sure where she came from. She is like a trick of illusion.

« Kashra's Flaws And Strengths «Edit

Kashra is very sensitive and self-conscious, meaning she is severely injured by what others think of her.
She has a severe temperament problem. The smallest things irk her. Kashra has an explosive rage, which is unleashed quite often, which leave others with the memory of her being a monstrous creature.
Kashra is a skilled fighter; she had to be to protect herself from her past, where some have hated her with a deep passion. She is capable of killing; she has murdered and will do so again if need be.
​∞ Because of her past, she can be very cold-hearted and calignious, secluded from others. Kashra disguises all of her feelings inside of her, but everything caged needs to be let out...

« Kashra's Likes And Dislikes «Edit

Likes: Edit

∞ Her close friends and loved ones.
∞ She actually likes keeping secrets and loves gossip.
∞ Kashra likes those who stick by her side until the end.


∞ Kashra hates liars and those who go behind her back.
∞ She dislikes cannibalism with a passion. Kashra thinks that cannibalism proves just how desperate for food you really are.
∞ Kashra doesn't like to be bossed around by someone else. She is her own person, not another's puppet.
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« Portraits Of Kashra «Edit