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This is the mother of Jinx

Jinx has originally (sorry I can't spell today) no siblings she knows of. She grew up only with her father. Her mother had other pups inside of her but Jinx was born first her mother died of blood loss. She was going to be named Ash because of her grey pelt. Her father named her Jinx because the fact that his mother died giving birth to her. Jinx was exiled at a young age for wrong actions. She was. part of The Preeminence of Rioting Canines where she lived as a mercenary.She now made her own pack called The Pack Of Shadowing Souls. She after a while disbanded that pack due to loss of members. She is one of the most loyal canines you could ever know. She would never unmeaningly attack someone she respects or that respects her. She is a reasonable canine at some points but other times she may be a complete pup.Now a days she knows nothing of her past but having one father, a wolf. Jinx is looking for a mate but is not that desperate just because she is doesn't mean she will leave her pack. She would never be able to control herself fully but most of the time she can. 

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This is the father of Jinx

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Her father's name is Spike. He is a timberwolf. She knows he is still alive by heart. It is that feeling you have when someone raises you. Jinx wants to meet her father, she is still looking. She knows she will find him some day. She just doesn't know when..