AJ Username : Anitabonita

"Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever... Even after their gone."

"Don't judge me, you might know my name, but not my story..."

Jasmine ~ <3

Jasmine's Information: Edit

Breed - Ragdoll


Species - Feline

Gender - Female

Sexuality - Straight

Name(s) - Jasmine, Jas, Jassy, Jassybae

Age - 18 Moons (1 year and a half)

Father - Unknown

Mother - Unknown

Mate - N/A (#lonley4eva)

Kits - N/A

Pack Currently In - N/A

Rank - Loner

Theme Song(s) - Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, Your Not Sorry by Taylor Swift, Complicated by Avril Lavigne.

Friends - Kasai, [[[OC: Kashra|Kashra]], Kurai, Suraisa, Koi, Asher...


Personality - Edit

Jasmine is a funny, kind, loving, caring, warm-hearted she-cat who is quite wise. She can be very aggressive in battles and in other situations. Jasmine is curious and almost never says no to an adventure. She can be shy and reserved around new felines, but once she warms up to them, she will be the energetic feline that everybody knows and loves!

Appearance - Edit

Jasmine is a stunning she-cat with snow-white fluffy fur, her fluffy tail is completely light grey, along with her ears and the surroundings of her sapphire coloured eyes. She has one big light grey spot on her back, her tiny nose and inner ears are a light shade of pink. Jasmine wears a purple collar with the teeth and claws of her past friends and foes.

Strengths - Edit

Battles/Fighting; Despite her wonderful appearance, in battle she becomes your worst nightmare.

Hunting; Jasmine is probably one of the best hunters out of the whole forest. She is so quiet, and patient, that the prey never even knew she was there, or that they were in any danger at all. Starvation is not even a word in Jasmine's vocabulary.

Friendship; She may not always be around, but she will always be there for her friends and family. No matter what.

Flaws - Edit

Herbs; she knows how to heal, but she is not the best at it... but she gets by.

Making decisions; Jasmine has a good head on her shoulders, but she is also more of a follower than a leader.

Photos - Edit

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Drawn By: Me~ :3

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Drawn By: Me :3