"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."

Jaggedsky of EagleClan


Name: Jaggedsky

Species: Felis Catus

Gender: She-cat

Clan/Tribe/Pack: EagleClan

Mate: Stormrush

Kits: Wolfwing

Father: Wolfstorm(deceased), Darkfur(Adopted father)

Mother: Brokenstar

Siblings: Skykit(deceased) Violetkit(deceased)

Friends: Swift, Shadowfern, Wolfpaw, Bluestar/claw, Thunderstar, Cinderpaw, Stormstar, Nightclaw(deceased)(many more that I can't list)

Age: 54 moons (4.5 years old)

Theme Song: Live Forever by The Afters, Animals by Maroon 5

Personality Edit

Traits: Stubborn, impulsive at times, noble, desire to make her Clan greater, wants to remembered as a hero.

Strengths: Noble, climbing ability, long, curved claws, black pelt allows her to blend with her surroundings, doesn't focus on pain in her wounds, doesn't give up

Weaknesses: Impulsive, stubborn, brute strength (muscular genes from Wolfstorm) doesn't give up

Appearance Edit

Jet black with light brown tabby stripes and evergreen eyes. She has powerful, broad shoulders and long legs for climbing trees. Scars on her face, shoulder and flank.

History/Backstory Edit

Jaggedsky was born in NightClan, which is where her mother and adopted father live. Before she was born, Brokenstar's first mate, Wolfstorm, was killed in a battle. Brokenstar had only just found out that she was expecting kits. When Jaggedsky was born, she grew up thinking that Darkfur was her father. Brokenstar, however, knew the truth and refused to tell her daughter that she had no father. When Jaggedsky was made an apprentice, she was mentored by Nightclaw. Nightclaw mentored her well and Jaggedsky fought in a few rather large battles. Jaggedsky had recently been made a warrior when their patrol was attacked by a rogue and Nightclaw joined StarClan. She was devastated when she lost one of her best friends. Jaggedsky vowed revenge on the cat that took Nightclaw from her. When she couldn't find the cat, Jaggedsky gave up and thought that this was StarClan's will. Later on, Jaggedsky decided to leave NightClan without telling anyone. Brokenstar found out about it and went after Jaggedsky which cost Brokenstar one of her lives. Jaggedsky was exiled from Nightclan and joined EagleClan. Brokenstar was angry and heartbroken that her own daughter had deceived her by making her think that she was dead. Jaggedsky had attacked Brokenstar out of sorrow and pain because she had recently discovered that Wolfstorm was her real father. Jaggedsky had also learned that her mother had kept that from her for her entire life. Jaggedsky is to this day in EagleClan, heartbroken and depressed because of her mother's secret's.